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About The Weekly Crisis

Welcome to The Weekly Crisis - a Weekly Comic Book Review Blog that helps comic book fans solve their weekly comic book crisis regarding which books to purchase.

My name is Kirk Warren and I'm a long time comic book enthusiast just trying to have some fun and share my passion for the hobby with my fellow fans through this blog.

From Hobby to Blogger

Like many comic book readers, I have noticed the continual decline in local comic book shops and limited options for real life discussions about the hobby we all love. As such, I have been forced to turn my attentions to the internet where I can share my opinions and views with a much larger audience of similar minded individuals.

However, despite being an internet user since the early 90's, I have noticed the number of dedicated comic book review sites are few and far between. Yes, there's the mainstay news sites, such as Newsarama or Comic Book Resources, but they do not specialize or feature very many reviews.

As such, I took it upon myself, a rather avid reader and collector of a variety of books, to create my own blog dedicated primarily to weekly reviews, featured every Wednesday as soon as I get my comics. As the months went on, I have added news, previews, moments of the week, character profiles and other assorted columns and posts to the site - all features I have found lacking on the major sites related to comic books around the web.

Why The Weekly Crisis?

I chose the name The Weekly Crisis because Major Spoilers and The Buy Pile were taken. Ahaha. Seriously though, I wanted a comic book sounding name and one that was not taken. There were a rather large number of "_____'s Pull List" and "____'s Longbox" and other such derivatives. I wanted something to uniquely reflect the fact I would be doing this every Wednesday, week-in and week-out, as well as something that was related to comic books. DC had just finished Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis and I knew they had Final Crisis planned as well as the original crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths. It seemed like these Crisis's were popping up every other week these days and thus, The Weekly Crisis was born. I added the sub-heading, Weekly Comic Book Reviews as a means of describing exactly what The Weekly Crisis means for new viewers and random traffic that stumbled onto the site.

If you would like more information on The Weekly Crisis, feel free to get in touch with Ryan through the contact page.


The Weekly Crisis has seen a relative turnover of contributing staff. Where Kirk was initially the only guy, he soon recruited Eric and Matt. Ryan Schrodt was soon added to the line up. Later on, Ryan K Lindsay would come on board, and then around 2012 a major shift would take place. All of the original contributors moved onto other ventures and so Ryan K Lindsay was left to usher in some fresh blood. TWC would grow with the additions of Ken Boehm, Grant Mclaughlin, Taylor Pithers, Dan Hill, Liam Jose, Hansel Morenao, Billy Tournas, Mike Hunau, Nevin Jones, and Adrian Roberts.

Matt Duarte
Opinions & Editorials
Contact: Matt.Ampersand@gmail.com
Notable Posts: What is Marvel Doing Wrong?, Trades 101: An Introduction to Trade Buying, International Women's Day: A Look At Female Superheroes, War of Kings Primer

I buy a mixture of monthly issues and trade paperbacks to keep my comic book addiction at bay. Originally born in Argentina, I also lived in the United States for several years and currently reside in Spain, where, thanks to the internet and a local comic shop, I still manage to find comic books in English to read.

I have been an avid reader since childhood. My parents bought me collections of Argentinian newspaper strips Yo, Matias! and Mafalda to foster my reading at a young age. Years later, my father bought me collections of many comics from the mid-90's and I started reading comics more heavily for the next couple of years. During my early teenage years, I stopped reading and concentrated on other things. A combination of things pulled me back into comics in the middle 00's, and they are my main hobby nowadays and something I've become so passionate about, I began a blog of my own and, eventually, joined up with Kirk and Eric here at the Weekly Crisis.

Ryan Lindsay
Opinions & Editorials
Contact: ryanlindsay82@gmail.com
Notable Posts: Hype Machine, Marvel’s Savage Magazine Format, Deus Ex Comica: The God in the Page, Fireside Chat With Jonathan Hickman

My eldest brother was a Marvel zombie, therefore it was in my blood before I had a choice, and these were the days where you carefully chose your camp as Marvel kids did not discuss the four colour world with DC kids. You could get your ass handed to you for thinking that Bruce and Liz were any way connected by the surname Allen. Your choice was serious and I stick by my decision of Matt Murdock over Bruce Wayne. As per what seems all post-Y2k readers, I disappeared from the scene to pursue girls, parties and a university degree. It would be years later that the same brother would buy me the first trade of The Walking Dead. A week later I would discover that Kevin Smith had written an arc on Daredevil. I never looked back.

I currently have a modest sized monthly pull list subsidised by the odd splurge on trades to catch up on other titles. I mainly follow writers who know how to craft a real tale. I deal in a fair trade of mostly semi-fringe Marvel U titles and a smattering of Vertigo and Image output. I still haven’t managed to grasp the allure of the sordid DCU.

Grant McLaughlin
Point of -views: Pre-, Re-, Inter-, and regular ol' personal ones.
Contact: ggrgmclaughlin@gmail.com

It all started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I mean, I watched those amazing 90s Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men animated shows and saw all the superhero movies I could (mostly those questionable Batman ones), and I had started reading a few graphic novels here and there, but it wasn't until Buffy: Season Eight came out that I first stepped foot in a comic book shop.  And though I was initially there only for Buffy, I soon found myself been drawn to the other books on the shelves, and before I knew it, I was pulling down more titles than you can shake a stick at.  Now I've got boxes full of singles and shelves full of trades from comic book companies both big and small.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

While I try to keep my pull small, I just can't say no to good storytelling, of which there seems to be an ample supply in comics right now.  So while my wallet could be happier, I'm overjoyed by all the wonderful books that drop each and ever Wednesday.  I used to be more of a DC guy than anything else, but now I seem to follow creators more than anything else - although I'm always game for something new.

Taylor Pithers
Trade Waiting Overlord and Opinions
Contact: tpithers@gmail.com

Hailing from the darkest regions of East London, being a comic book fan wasn't always easy. I'm unashamed to admit that my comic gateway drug was none other than the now terrible X-Men cartoon of the early to mid nineties. The first comic I ever bought was the Age of Apocalypse prologue Legion Quest, and because of this I still have an affinity for Marvel Comics, X-Men, and Andy and Adam Kubert. After discovering the allure of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll, (well, girls,) comics fell to the wayside until adulthood when the realization that not caring what people thought finally fell upon me, conveniently being the same time that the whole trade paperback craze hit its zenith. A fan of all comics as long as the writing and the art impress me, I am equally in love with Eduardo Risso, Gabriel Ba, and Mike Mignola as I am Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, and Moebius. There is a special place in my heart for the four J's; Jamie McKelvie, Johnny Ryan, Josh Simmons, and Jason Aaron but will try anything once.

Find my ramblings each and every Tuesday within the confines of the Trade Waiting column. And the Age of Apocalypse is still awesome.

Dan Hill
Opening Contract
Contact: info@dan-hill.org

My first taste of the comics cherry was a reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #42, a Lee/Romita joint bursting at the seems with vibrant colours, fisticuffs and rapid fire wisecracks. My second taste involved Spidey being buried alive with the protagonist imitating him whilst under the influence of hallucinogens. I was hooked.

The inevitable break up with comics occurred during my teenage years as girls, parties and good old punk rock caused me to stray. I was pulled back in with stone cold classics such as Scalped, Phonogram, The Ultimates, The Losers and Gotham Central.

These days my pull list is mostly Image and other assorted indie publishers with a smattering of Marvel (I can't quit you, baby). My thoughts and ramblings on the art of the opening panel can be found fortnightly in Opening Contract.

Adrian Roberts
Star Wars Rediscovered
Contact: adrenius@gmail.com

I have aways enjoyed reading comic books but not until 2011 and DC's 'New 52' could I truely say that I was a comic book fan. The chance to be in on the ground floor with some of the world's most loved superheroes was an opportunity I was determined not to miss. I started out with Superman and Green Lantern but came to want to explore more of this new comic book universe. This led me to other publishers such as Image and Comixtribe and to fantastic word builders like Jonathan Hickman and Brian K. Vaughan. I now follow creators more than characters and have never looked back.

My pull list currently contains a mix of Image, Marvel and DC titles with the odd indie series here and there and a few digital series.

Nevin P. Jones
Review comics (in all forms)
Contact: nevstorm5@gmail.com

Comics and I first began dating with X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mighty Mutanimals. I read them before I could really understand the events that were unfolding, but I remember being enthralled by great artwork. Somewhere in between grade school and high school my love for comics meandered away (except for Batman), but it never completely vanished.  Things like Batman: The Animated Series and Teen Titans kept me hooked to the characters while enjoying a different adaptation. It was not until I entered college that my brother introduced me back into the land of comics with things like The Walking Dead, Fables, Invincible, Locke & Key, and so on.

My off time from comics created a love for adaptations. Video games like Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City or Telltale’s The Walking Dead and movies like The Avengers or X-Men: First Class accomplish things that comics cannot. These adaptations appeal to a broader audience while directing people back to the source material. Because of my love for comics in all forms, you can expect to see me writing about more than just one medium.

My pull list is random with the exception of The Walking Dead (Kirkman always brings me back).

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