Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekly Crisis Disclaimer

Weekly Crisis Disclaimer

Some people believe that, because I run ad banners or link to an Amazon store, that I run The Weekly Crisis - Comic Book Review Blog simply as a means to make money or to sell them something or some other insidious comic book villain-like scheme.

I understand where this train of thought comes from with the current state of the internet and seemingly everyone and their mother attempting to turn a personal blog into a way to make a living, but it also makes it difficult to convey a genuine desire on my part to connect and simply talk about comics, as is my intention with this blog.

Having said this, I do get things out of this blog, specifically small monetary gains from my ads, and I want to be up front about these things.

What I Get Out From The Weekly Crisis

As a means of being upfront about what I get from this blog, I wish to list the things I get from blogging here at the Weekly Crisis.

Money - Yes, I do, indeed, make some small measure of money from this blog's advertising and Amazon items links. No, I won't be retiring anytime soon off of these income streams. In fact, I have used every dollar I have made, plus more from my own pocket, to run several contests here at the Weekly Crisis and will continue to do this for as long as the site exists.

If I ever start making more money than I can possibly spend on contests, I will more than likely purchase my own webspace and move the site over to that for increased performance and the ability to use databases and other backend webprogramming features.

Profile - This blog has, no doubt, lifted my profile within the comic book reading community. Whether it's the people that come here every day or week to read my posts or the connections I've made with creators and other industry insiders, the blog has helped give me a much higher profile than the standard comic book forum poster and helped get my thoughts and ideas out to a wider audiance and with a higher degree of authority on the topics I speak about.

Satisfaction - I love comics. I love talking about comics. This blog gives me the means to both talk about comics and connect with other comic book readers. This is the main motivation for me starting this blog and I wouldn't be still here today if I didn't enjoy what I do.

What I Lose To This Blog

If I'm going to list the things I am getting out of this blog, I think it's only fair to list the things I lose to this blog.

Time - Many people seem to believe that these posts write themselves or that creating an archives or even a 'simple' top 10 post takes a few minutes to put together and that's it for time commitment to this blog.

This couldn't be further from the truth and I spend more time than I care to admit writing this blog, coming up with new post ideas, making backend or cosmetic designs and interacting with commenters and other bloggers.

I do enjoy this, so I'm not complaining by saying this, but I do spend an absurd amount of time blogging each week.

Personal Attacks - With how much time I put into my blog, I love getting comments and being able to discuss why we all like or dislike a certain book. However, with the inpersonal and anonymous nature of the internet, some people feel the need to outright attack each other.

While I have only had one or two instances of this occur, after the amount of time and effort of putting my opinions out in the public area for opinion, it's never fun having someone tear you down on a personal level simply because you do not like the same things as they do and this does take its toll on me.


As you can see, this blog has it's pros and cons. On some days, the pros make blogging a dream. On bad days, it's hard to justify even making post or continuing on. In the end, though, the good far outweighs the bad and I couldn't imagine doing anything else and, so, I blog on.

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