Sunday, June 22, 2008

After 3 Weeks, What Do You Think of DC's Trinity? Poll Results

This week's poll took a moment to let everyone evaluate DC's new weekly series, Trinity. The results speak for themselves and you can click the image above for a larger image or hit the jump for the voting breakdown and my thoughts on the results.

After 3 Weeks, What Do You Think of DC's Trinity?

Must Read - 9 (10%)
Check It - 33 (30%)
Avoid It - 19 (20%)
Didn't Read It - 33 (30%)

Total Votes - 94


While this is a relatively small cross section of the comic buying population, the results, which were fairly positive for Final Crisis and Secret Invasion, come out on the opposite end of the spectrum for Trinity.

Are people just tired of weekly comics? Did Countdown's mediocrity and DC's complete undoing of that gruelling 52 week marathon strip away readers' desire to try out another weekly? Or is the relatively small sample space of the poll not enough to gauge a correct answer?

Personally, I went back and picked up issue two and three this week, after feeling I didn't give the title enough of a chance with only the first issue under my belt, and came away completely disappointed and ended up re-dropping the title after two below average issues that still haven't even done anything, storywise, with the weekly title. It's as if they started off with three filler issues so they could have Bagley draw the JLA.

We won't know how sales are for Trinity for another couple of weeks, but I'm willing to bet that we'll see numbers far lower than what DC was hoping for from their weekly reader meat grinder.

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IslandLiberal said...

My impression of Trinity is that it's a solid piece of standard genre storytelling, but it's nothing we haven't seen before with these characters, so very unexciting.

Eric said...
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