Thursday, June 26, 2008

Final Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 06/25/08

Kidding aside, this week was ridiculous. I didn't think I was ever going to finish the reviews and I don't think I even managed to review every book I bought yet. I'll try to update later tonight with any I missed, but may just have to do a third set of reviews tomorrow at this rate.

I'm just going to let you guys get to the reviews because my hand hurts from typing.

Written by Dan Slott & Christos Gage
Art by Stefano Caselli

This was another solid issue from the Initiative team, but it lacked focus and seemed to have some odd scene changes, like with the Skrull Hank Pym explanations, which felt like retcons to cover up the fact only Bendis probably knew he was a Skrull. While not covered in this issue, I also found it funny that the Pym that was replaced by a Skrull in Civil War was actually a Skrull in the first place.

We find out that this Pym is a complete screw up and that the easiest way to detect Skrulls is to look for people that like strawberries and pickles. I kid you not.

One thing I found amusing was that Triathlon actually had the audacity to make fun of the old 3D Man costume's colour scheme, as if his hideous, multi-coloured monstrosity was actually better. In the end, he took the goggles from the costume, which he received as a gift from the retired 3D Man.

Turns out Triathlon received the cushiest job in the Initiative as the new leader of the Hawaii team and, after some quick introductions to some interesting characters, of which I can't tell if any are pre-existing characters or not, we find out that the goggles, they do nothing! Er, I mean, they do something. As in they let the wearer see who is and isn't a Skrull and he quickly sees that one of his recruits is a Skrull, who they eventually manage to take down with a well placed sword through the head.

Verdict - Check It. I'm a little annoyed that these goggles can detect the Skrulls so easily while Spider-Man's spider-sense, Wolverine's overpowered senses, telepaths and even the sorceror supreme of the entire freaking universe can't tell who is or isn't a Skrull. Otherwise, the issue was another good outing from what I'd consider the best Avengers title on the stands.

Written by Ed Brubaker & Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark

This arc seems to be addressing every problem that has been levied against Brubaker's erratic run since taking over the book as it is jam packed with story, continues to build on the intriguing murder mystery plot and doesn't spend half an issue dragging Matt's life through the dirt or dwelling on how much crap he's been through.

While there's still very little Daredevil in this story, it does feature some great Matt Murdock moments as he starts reclaiming his life by having him interact with old friends, like Luke Cage, Dakota and even Ben Urich.

I especially liked the spotlight on Dakota this issue as she gets revenge on her attacker from last issue and still has some time to trash talk with Luke Cage and rip Matt a bit over his return to his Matt Murdock persona after a few months of brooding as Daredevil.

Verdict - Must Read. I'm not usually one to get sucked into these murder mystery trials, as they are typically just twist endings or that random clue right at the end to turn the tide, but Rucka and Brubaker are doing a great job of fleshing this out while still finding time to focus on the characters.

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by David Aja

This marks the last issue of the Brubaker / Fraction / Aja era on Iron Fist. Good night, sweet prince. I'll miss you as this also marks my last issue based on the previews for the next issue and the knowledge of who the writer will be.

Thankfully, this is amazing send off from Fraction and he sets up so many possibilities for the character that it's really a shame that neither he nor Brubaker could stick around to write this book. I still think it's some money related thing where the sales don't justify the creative team, especially based on everything Fraction has ever said about the book and his desire to write it forever or even a second book for a Tales of the Iron Fist-type spinoff, but I'll save my moaning and conspiracy theories for another time.

Coming off the recent tournament arc where Hydra assumed control of his company's resources and nearly destroyed K'un-Lun, Danny has reprioritized his life and the focus of his vast fortune. He's gone so far as to dismantle his company, piece by piece, and is dedicating his life to giving away his entire fortune to the needy and is in the process of creating a charity organization.

We start the issue off with his most recent endeavour - the creation of a new dojo for impoverished children - and quickly cut to where he explains his new direction in life to his friend and the man that formerly ran Danny's company, Jeryn Hogarth. There's a hilarious scene where they are in an elevator and Jeryn asks if Danny's been funding the New Avengers where Danny tries to deny it before admitting to it.

From there, we get to see the other Immortal Weapons and their search for information on the rumoured Eigth Capital City. This is a great scene as everyone is in civilian clothes. Fat Cobra is wearing a shirt and tie with glasses and is actually acting like an intellectual, which was a funny juxtaposition to his, "bring me my victory wenches!", persona during the tournament.

The rest of the issue focuses on Danny's relationship with Misty Knight that leaves it open ended and with his friendship with Luke Cage and his asking him to join him with his new charity in their old Heroes 4 Hire building. The latter scene featured a cameo by Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker, which was a nice touch. There were two others in that close up cameo, but I'm not sure what Aja looks like, so can't tell if he is one of them.

We end one of the best creative team runs in recent memory with Danny discovering that all Iron Fists have died at the age of 33 and only Orson had escaped that fate when he fled K'un-Lun at the age of 33. Just as he comes to this realization, Misty, Luke and Colleen show up with a surprise birthday party and a cake for his 33rd birthday as the issue fades to black.

Verdict - Must Read. This creative team made me read a comic about a guy who does kung-fu in a pair yellow slippers and it was awesome, that's how damn good they were. With how much they set up in this issue, I can't believe they're actually leaving the title, but I guess all good things come to an end.

MARVEL 1985 #2
Written by Mark Millar
Art by Tommy Lee Edwards

Millar and Edwards are doing an excellent job of straddling the line between fantasy and reality with this 'villains enter our world' story and this issue quickly ramps up the pace as we see a beautifully rendered fight, right off the bat, between the Hulk and Juggernaut.

Millar's writing for the little boy is excellent and manages to distill the sense of awe and wonder to the reader over these two comic book characters come to life right in front of his eyes and battling it out.

Obviously, no one believes the child, not even his father, but it does promp the father to go visit the mysterious and much hyped Wyncham character, who is being kept in a mental ward or hospital and cannot speak or move. The villains are staying in his vacant home, for reference.

The boy begins wondering if he imagined the whole thing or if it was real, but, before he can decide either way, the villains make his choice for him as they begin attacking the small town.

Verdict - Must Read. I find it very easy to relate the main character, through which we see the events of this story, and Millar is doing an incredible job of relaying the thoughts and feelings of the young boy. Edwards art is a perfect fit for this style of book and the fight with Hulk and Juggernaut is something to behold.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Khoi Pham

Hank Pym is a screw up. The Skrulls know it, you know it and everyone on Earth knows it. Even the Skrulls took the time to question why the hell they would replace him and this issue shows exactly when they did it, showcasing just how much Bendis dislikes this character.

Basically, Pym treats Janet like crap, she leaves him, he hooks up with a college girl, tells her everything about his life and she turns out to be a Skrull, who captures and replaces Pym. Shocking, I know. This is all between Disassembled and the formation of the New Avengers team, for those curious.

It does contradict a lot of stuff, such as moments when Pym has been shown to be thinking like Pym with no hint of Skrull and other times he's shown as thinking like a Skrull, which makes it hard to wonder why psychics can't figure this out in 5 seconds flat.

Finally, this "explains" how they took down Iron Man by having Pym explain to the Skrulls how Fem-Ultron discovered the weakness to Starktech and his Extremis powers, which lead to them creating an organic virus that shut down all the computers on Earth. Riggghhhttt.

Verdict - Avoid It. While the New Avengers issue was at least an enjoyable enough read if you checked your brain at the door or ignored the numerous mistakes, this Mighty issue features more Bendis hate on Hank Pym and treats the founding Avenger like a joke, similar almost to his Ultimates incarnation, and just makes the whole Skrull mess more annoying. All that was needed was to say he was replaced after House of M and before New Avengers. We didn't need any of the other padding on this issue.

Written by Joss Whedon
Art by Michael Ryan

Much like my glee over Kirkman's days on Ultimate X-Men being over, I can finally look forward to actual good issues of Runaways again, assuming Whedon's horrible, delay ladden run hasn't killed all fan interest in the relatively low selling, niche series.

This issue wrapped up the whole time travel plot. Not sure what happened, honestly. The winged guy flies the bomb into the air, it explodes without really doing any damage and there's a brawl still going on between the random super powered people, all of whom I have long since forgotten about.

From there, Nico shows up (not sure if it was even shown how or if she escaped since it's been so long since the last issue), the team leaves with the red head dancer in tow, run into Gert's time travelling parents, Chase shows up from the future where he did...stuff...and they all head back to the future.

However, because no one demanded it, the red head stays behind and the little girl that was married to some pedophile joins the team and goes back to the future with them as the new member.

And, to wrap up the random old lady plot from a year or two ago, back when this story began, she's revealed as the red head dancing girl Vic loved and she cries over how she didn't come to the future with him.

Verdict - Avoid It. Go back to Buffy, Whedon, and never touch the Runaways again. PLEASE.

Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

This should have been titled Secret Invasion: Runaways with a little blurb about guest starring the Young Avengers. It's told entirely from the Runaways perspective, we get some great dialogue from the team and Miyazawa's art, if you're a fan of that style, is terrific (well, his Young Avengers were a little iffy, but everything else was great).

The issue picks up right where Runaways #30 left off with the team back in New York after their trip back in time. The little girl from the past has some funny, "oh, the future is so weird", moments and the team had some fun dialogue, especially Xavin's "rule the world" speech.

After the brief introduction to the Runaways team, we see the actual Skrull invasion begin and Xavin quickly turns on the team as the other Skrulls show up. It's all a ruse on his part, although his teammates didn't know this, as he knows exactly who these Skrulls are and what they would have done to the Runaways if they had fought back.

He talks it over with a couple of invading Skrulls and then takes his "captives" away from the battle. We see a bit of the Young Avengers battle from the main Secret Invasion book repeated here, but it's only a brief scene and nothing noteworthy.

Xavin has a little misunderstanding with Nico and Victor when they wake up, but it's eventually smoothed over as he explains himself and we find out some information on the Skrulls leading the invasion and how they are merely a overly zealous religious faction and this isn't as unified an invasion as we had imagined.

Xavin ended up staying behind as the rest of the Runaways fled in their ship. He ends up saving Hulkling, a half Skrull / Kree and prince of the Skrull Empire, from some of the invading Skrulls who have orders to terminate Hulkling on sight so that his heritage won't lead to any mutiny in the invading armada.

Verdict - Must Read. It was fun, gave us some great Runaways moments, added more to the Secret Invasion plot than every Bendis written tie-in so far and was just a joy to read. I just hope the Young Avengers get a little more spoltight in future issues.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen

I'm not sure what to think of this issue. Is it a recap? I don't remember the story Eddie Brock is telling. Is it from the Ultimate Spider-Man game from way back when? If so, it was a jumble of random images with a long winded monologue from Eddie and not the most effective way to kick this story off.

I'm just confused as to the reasoning behind telling it this way. Eddie Brock sits on a park bench and tells a story about how he got his powers, hates Peter Parker / Spider-Man, got in a fight with Silver Sable and her mercenaries, how he fought Spider-Man in a museum and then eats some guy at the end (he may have eaten more people, as the people listening to his story kept changing, but it only showed one confirmed kill).

That's all that happened and it was kind of boring reading endless walls of text in every panel. During the brief museum fight with Spider-Man, which ended with Silver Sable showing up and shooting them as the panel faded to black, Peter kept complaining about a headache, but I have no idea what's wrong with him or what caused it.

Verdict - Avoid It. I love Ultimate Spider-Man and don't really regret buying this issue, but no one will be missing anything if they skip this issue and, if I had it over again / wasn't obsessive compulsive "don't ruin my comic run" nerd, I probably wouldn't buy this issue.

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Alan Davis

This! This is what these Young Avengers Presents one-shots should have been like! This issue was absolutely amazing and Marvel needs to tell Heinberg to go back to television and give Fraction a Young Avengers on-going because this is an absolute Must Read issue.

It had it all - character development, passing of the torch moments with Hawkeye and Ronin, the entire Young Avengers team featured and acting like a group and managed to still keep the focus on Hawkeye. It was like the perfect team book member spotlight issue and one of the best issues I read this week.

To open up, we had Hawkeye and Patriot on a date, but Hawkeye's stubborn personality causing friction and her not wanting to call this an actual "date" that ended up causing a big fight between the two.

Before anything could happen, though, Ronin, aka the former Hawkeye, Clint Barton, reveals himself as the horse driven carriage driver and quickly knocks out Patriot while he toys with Hawkeye, obviously testing her. There's some fun dialogue and Ronin gives her an invitation to come alone to see him the next night at the New Avengers' hideout.

When she arrives at their base the next night, there's a great scene with Spider-Man and Luke Cage playing Gears of War and Luke screaming, "Chainsaw! Chainsaw! Chainsaw!", as Spidey moans, "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!". The scene was repeated later with Patriot and Hulkling doing the same thing back at the Young Avengers base near the end of the issue.

The confrontation with Clint eventually leads to Hawkeye losing her (well, technically it's Clint's) bow and the name Hawkeye to Ronin in a simple bet and it leads to a funny Hawkingbird joke, referencing her original codename and costume from the Young Avengers series.

To keep this short, there's some fun team interplay with them finding out she lost her name and bow and some more conflict with Patriot that has Hawkeye rushing off with Speed, who eventually talks her in to stealing her bow back while the Avengers are off on a mission.

They recover the bow, Ronin gives Hawkeye a nice pep talk and his approval and, in the end, she patches things up with Patriot, simply asking him to give her time to come to terms with herself.

Verdict - Must Read. Like I said, it has everything a Young Avengers or any comic fan would want in a book with great writing, beautiful art and lots of character moments.

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Cat said...

Kirk: I talked to Matt Fraction in great length at HeroesCon this past weekend and I don't know if he is just promoting Marvel or friends with the new Iron Fist writer but he "highly recommends" to give it a shot. I'm still undecided...maybe I'll give it one issue.
I had a blast at HeroesCon. Got a sketch by David Finch and Rafael Kayanan. Lots of great creators there. I talked to Fraction, Waid, Didio (I asked him if he would refund my money for countdown and he laughed...little did he know I was serious), Daniel Way (well not so great anymore), Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen and more then I can remember right now. Good times!
I also discovered a great new Indy book: The Uniques. Google it and check it out!

On a past note....I finally found Sky Doll....I got the 2nd print of #1 today. I'll let you know what I think. I'm picking it up on your say so :-)

Thanks again for the great reviews. I don't know how you read all those books and get reviews up so quick. I barely made a dent in my stack yet this week.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed something of your reviews. Especially when compared to IGN's. IGN seems to just buy into the over hyped big books and praise them, whereas you give both the professional, and reader perspective. You don't seem to over analyze everything in your reviewing like IGN tends to, which is probably why I like your reviews so much.

I ended up dropping Mighty Avengers on my "get it" list. Mainly because I can't stand Hank Pym anymore.

I'm not too surprised that Runaways #30 sucked, Whedon was a bad choice for a writer of that series.

I'm glad to see you enjoyed SI: Runaways/Young Avengers. You make a good point that so far, it's more a Runaways comic. Though I'm sure come issue 2 the two teams will share the spotlight more.

I also loved Young Avengers Presents #6. But hey, I just can't stop grinning that the Vision/Cassie thing is canon. Guess I'm a Vision fan boy XD. I did kind of like the ending to this issue, but I thought it was done better in the #4 version of it.

Great reviews, Kirk. I look forward to your Moments of the Week tomorrow!


RogueSmurf6 said...

I played the Ultimate Spider-Man game and this new issue has some thematic and plot ties to the game, but they're not connected yet. Based on reading that comic, the Ultimate game either hasn't happened yet or is mostly out of continuity. At the end of the game, Venom was complete and had the white spider symbol on him. In the comic he's still an out of control monster.

But the idea that Venom feels better when he's near Peter, and Peter getting a headache when he's near Venom, is from the are Silver Sable's attempts to capture Venom.

Doc Shallot said...


I liked the latest issue of 1985 as well but wasn't as enamored with the Hulk/Juggernaut battle. I don't think the villains were attacking the town per se, just the nurse from Wyncham's care facility and her husband/boyfriend. I guess Wyncham didn't care for her attitude.

Kevin T. said...

"I'm just confused as to the reasoning behind telling it [Ultimate Spider-Man #123] this way."

I'm pretty sure I read it from another blogger, but Bendis does this framing kind of stuff for the sake of variety. It's a lot like the way he told the Omega Red story some issues back (and how it related to Peter getting a B minus), because, well, let's face it, Bendis has been on the title for 123 issues! He'd pass out from writing by a formula!

"Based on reading that comic, the Ultimate game either hasn't happened yet or is mostly out of continuity."

Personally, I wouldn't expect continuity between the video game and the comic. Two different mediums, two different stories, even though Bendis had a hand in the video game script.

That's a really interesting idea you have there, though.

Kirk Warren said...

@cat - Man, I wish I could go to a con. I live no where near any and it'd be way too expensive to travel for any.

I know Matt and/or Ed supposedly got Duane (new writer, can't spell last name) into comics and endorse him, but Cable is just soooo damn bad right now that I have no faith. I'll probably flip through the next issue at hte shop and decide if it's worth checking out the run or not.

And I hope you enjoy Sky Doll. It's definitely one of my favourite books and I'm confident that you and anyone else that happens to pick it up will enjoy the unique reading experience it offers.

@anonymous - Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. I can understand where some of the bigger sites are coming from though. THere was a recent panel at Heroes Con where they talked about the industry and reporting and they talk about how Marvel and DC bully the relatively few news sites.

It's pretty easy for them to just not give interviews or exclusives to them if they outright bash something from either company, making it difficult for them to function as a news site anymore.

@roguesmurf - Good to know. I figured most of it had to be something to do with the video game, but they could have at least made the recap page mention most of those little details.

@docshalot - Ohh, good call on the attacking the nurse because of Wyncham. That makes a lot of sense now. I just put together the cover to the next issue with the "random" attack by the villains and thought it was them going to town, literally.

blaker said...

speaking of the new writer of iron fist...i was flipping through last months wizard and i saw that swierczynski is working on a book for DC called Murder at Wayne Manor. He describes the book as "an interactive novel, with pull out clues like letters and photos."

i've never read the new cable, and after reading that plus your reviews of the new cable... i don't think i'll be in for that bad boy. i just thought it'd be interesting to see what you thought about that.

as cat said earlier... i'm looking for guardians of the galaxy based on your recommendation. i was a huge fan of the 90's series, but didn't want to pick this one up for fear of having another infinity inc. (the new incarnation has nothing to do with the original incarnation).

good work and great reviews as always

Kirk Warren said...

@kevin t - It was stated long ago that the game was "in continuity", which is why he mentioned it.

Kirk Warren said...

@blaker - From what I understand, he's done some excellent novels and isn't a bad writer, per se. Maybe just ab ad super hero writer or not used to the medium. They should have let him cut his teeth ona back up or some one-shots first.

However, I think the pull out interactive adventure could be interesting and probalby more in line from what I know of his novel work. Not something I'd buy, but seems like fun for children, depending on how dark it's written.

Darin said...

Darin's Top Ten Uselist (I'm so clever) for 6/26.

1. It's good to know that Runaways/Young Avengers will be as good or better than the Civil War mini.

2. Ultimate Spider-man's current arc is supposed to show how the game events fit into the comic. Hopefully they will explain why Silver Sable doesn't remember Peters id from the game... um, spoilers.

3.- 10. I replaced my Newsarama bookmark with your site... congrats.

Eric said...

About the goggles/Skrull thing from A:TI, the original 3-D Man could always detect a Skrull no matter what and he got his powers from the goggles so there is precedent but only someone like Slott would know that. I normally trust Slott on that kind of stuff but I checked it out after you brought up.

Also, YAP:Hawkeye was definitely a hidden gem. Hopefully Marvel puts Fraction on the YA relaunch, whenever they get around to that.

Salieri said...

1) I checked up on scans_daily. Odd that the 'Revolutionary' Skrull refers to Skrull!Pym as 'Brother', and A: TI's Skrull!Pym keeps looking like a male, when it was clearly a female who impersonated him in Mighty Avengers...

2) However, a brownie point for Bendis because I've recognised his true motive in writing "War of the Symbiotes": to make Loeb look like even more of a shitty shitty writer. The September Solicits show MILLAR'S Ultimates going up against, why in ULTIMATES 3 do they know nothing about Venom, to the extent that Hawkeye has to go and shoot Spidey to get info?

3) Speaking of, I'll be kind and tell you what you don't have to read in ULTIMATES 3: several characters - including Millar's Ultimates, it seems - were actually robots, built by the (robot?) son of Ant-Man and Wasp, calling himself Ultimate Yellowjacket. Meanwhile, Loeb continues to try to make every Ultimate character be their 616 counterpart by making Pyro - you know, the good guy from Kirkman's UXM? - talk about raping Valkyrie while Mastermind has her in his thrall. He is also, somehow, suddenly immune to fire.

Mugiwara said...

I don't know what to think about Miyazawa's art in YA/Runaways. Sure, it's quite expressive and refreshing for a comic's art, but as manga art, is far from the best I read.
The funny thing is that on the preview pages, there was the wrong Prodigy (David Alleyne) and Crusader (the villain), and a Gauntlet without Gauntlet in the pannel where the Initiative attacks. Looks like he managed to fix Prodigy and Gauntlet, but it's still the wrong Crusader. And Geiger with brown hairs.

Concerning ATI, Dan Slott stated that he knew from the beginning who was a Skrull. If he syas so, I trust him, but I would have liked to see what Skrullow Jacket was thinking in ATI#2 when he was alone, took some pills and tried to call Janet(it was this scene that made me think he wasn't a Skrull).

Cat said...

@Kirk- I know what you mean about cons...I'm in my 30's and this was my first one. I went with 3 other friends. My wife called it a fanboy geekfest weekend :-)
Also...I just read Sky Doll....loved it! Now I have to find issue 2.
I'm really interested in what you would think of the Indy comic The Uniques. Try to check it out if you can. They have a .99 cents digital download on their site if you don't want to drop $5 on a "real" copy.

@Eric- I agree! Fraction on YA would be good stuff!

Anonymous said...

To be fair about the whole male/female skrullpym thing, can't skrulls choose what gender they want to be? And maybe the process she went through turns her male for as long as she's "being" Pym? Reaching for straws I know but the whole skrull gender thing is pretty confusing.

Jack Norris said...

Well, I'll probably give Iron Fist under the new guy a chance. As for his Cable being bad, well... it IS Cable, after all, and a writer would need some truly superhuman writerly powers to overcome the inherent crappiness of the character (that or be fortunate enough to be writing a book where Cable is paired with a comedy character or something...), so it seems unfair to hold it against him.

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