Thursday, June 26, 2008

Secret Invasion: Runaways / Young Avengers #1 Review

Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

This should have been titled Secret Invasion: Runaways with a little blurb about guest starring the Young Avengers. It's told entirely from the Runaways perspective, we get some great dialogue from the team and Miyazawa's art, if you're a fan of that style, is terrific (well, his Young Avengers were a little iffy, but everything else was great).

The issue picks up right where Runaways #30 left off with the team back in New York after their trip back in time. The little girl from the past has some funny, "oh, the future is so weird", moments and the team had some fun dialogue, especially Xavin's "rule the world" speech.

After the brief introduction to the Runaways team, we see the actual Skrull invasion begin and Xavin quickly turns on the team as the other Skrulls show up. It's all a ruse on his part, although his teammates didn't know this, as he knows exactly who these Skrulls are and what they would have done to the Runaways if they had fought back.

This should have been titled Secret Invasion: Runaways with a little blurb about guest starring the Young Avengers.   
He talks it over with a couple of invading Skrulls and then takes his "captives" away from the battle. We see a bit of the Young Avengers battle from the main Secret Invasion book repeated here, but it's only a brief scene and nothing noteworthy.

Xavin has a little misunderstanding with Nico and Victor when they wake up, but it's eventually smoothed over as he explains himself and we find out some information on the Skrulls leading the invasion and how they are merely a overly zealous religious faction and this isn't as unified an invasion as we had imagined.

Xavin ended up staying behind as the rest of the Runaways fled in their ship. He ends up saving Hulkling, a half Skrull / Kree and prince of the Skrull Empire, from some of the invading Skrulls who have orders to terminate Hulkling on sight so that his heritage won't lead to any mutiny in the invading armada.

Verdict - Must Read. It was fun, gave us some great Runaways moments, added more to the Secret Invasion plot than every Bendis written tie-in so far and was just a joy to read. I just hope the Young Avengers get a little more spoltight in future issues.

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