Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Superman #677 Review

Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes

I picked this up after several people asked me about it and all I can say after having read that I wish I had my money back.

Let's go over the numerous problems I have with debut on Robinson's Superman, just for posterities sake.

One, the opening section has Superman and Hal Jordan having a friendly game of space frisbee with Krypto.

Before you ask, yes, those are exact quotes and, no, I did not make any mistakes while typing them out. And that's only snippets of the horrible dialogue in this scene.  
Great premise, but did anyone proof read this issue? It's littered with broken English. Superman actually says, "What all have you seen?", "Man, how many alien girls alone--all exotic looks and skins and such...", and, the crowning achievement, "I sound stupid. Smug. Talking all roses and hearts and flowers and roses --but--".

Before you ask, yes, those are exact quotes and, no, I did not make any mistakes while typing them out. And that's only snippets of the horrible dialogue in this scene.

Next up was Superman wearing one of Hal Jordan's bubble constructs on his head. I assume this was to be able to communicate in space with Hal since Superman can breathe in space indefinitely, but Krypto doesn't have one on and the dog can hear Superman telling him to fetch or his drooling, retard, "bestest, greatest, most wonderful dog in the whole cosmos", speech at the end. Also, Superman, later, hears Atlas shouting all the way from Metropolis (remember, Supes is in space right now) through the vacuum of space.

Finally, back on Earth, we spend most of the issue with a long, boring and cliche ridden inner monologue from some random Science Police officer as he tells us how tough and rugged his team is as they fight a Fin Fang Foom knock off. Atlas had to come in at the very end and kill the beast for them before they decide to attack him for no good reason. Atlas promptly beats all the SP's down before Superman shows up, ending the issue.

Verdict - Avoid It. The art was good. So, I guess this wasn't all bad. But the actual story was terrible, error ridden and nearly puts Countdown to shame in some instances. Atlas comes off as a complete Kingdom Come Gog knock off with his new brand of killing justice and challenging of Superman, but I don't intend to stick around to find out if that ends up being true or not.

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