Thursday, June 26, 2008

Young Avengers Presents: Hawkeye #6 Review

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Alan Davis

This! This is what these Young Avengers Presents one-shots should have been like! This issue was absolutely amazing and Marvel needs to tell Heinberg to go back to television and give Fraction a Young Avengers on-going because this is an absolute Must Read issue.

It had it all - character development, passing of the torch moments with Hawkeye and Ronin, the entire Young Avengers team featured and acting like a group and managed to still keep the focus on Hawkeye. It was like the perfect team book member spotlight issue and one of the best issues I read this week.

To open up, we had Hawkeye and Patriot on a date, but Hawkeye's stubborn personality causing friction and her not wanting to call this an actual "date" that ended up causing a big fight between the two.

This! This is what these Young Avengers Presents one-shots should have been like!   
Before anything could happen, though, Ronin, aka the former Hawkeye, Clint Barton, reveals himself as the horse driven carriage driver and quickly knocks out Patriot while he toys with Hawkeye, obviously testing her. There's some fun dialogue and Ronin gives her an invitation to come alone to see him the next night at the New Avengers' hideout.

When she arrives at their base the next night, there's a great scene with Spider-Man and Luke Cage playing Gears of War and Luke screaming, "Chainsaw! Chainsaw! Chainsaw!", as Spidey moans, "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!". The scene was repeated later with Patriot and Hulkling doing the same thing back at the Young Avengers base near the end of the issue.

The confrontation with Clint eventually leads to Hawkeye losing her (well, technically it's Clint's) bow and the name Hawkeye to Ronin in a simple bet and it leads to a funny Hawkingbird joke, referencing her original codename and costume from the Young Avengers series.

To keep this short, there's some fun team interplay with them finding out she lost her name and bow and some more conflict with Patriot that has Hawkeye rushing off with Speed, who eventually talks her in to stealing her bow back while the Avengers are off on a mission.

They recover the bow, Ronin gives Hawkeye a nice pep talk and his approval and, in the end, she patches things up with Patriot, simply asking him to give her time to come to terms with herself.

Verdict - Must Read. Like I said, it has everything a Young Avengers or any comic fan would want in a book with great writing, beautiful art and lots of character moments.

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