Thursday, July 10, 2008

Action Comics #867 Review

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal

I had a few issues with Action Comics #867, but, for the most part, I really enjoyed the pro-active stance Superman took this issue in regards to Brainiac. It seems like he's always resting on his laurels and just waiting for the next crisis to solve instead of actively hunting down villains. For someone like Superman, it makes so much sense for him to do things like this. Hopefully he'll continue the trend in the future with his Earth-based villains.

Supergirl was surprisingly good in this issue. She added a nice emotional angle to the destruction of Krypton and the threat of Brainiac and it was good to see her and Clark together for a change.

She talks about the annihilation of Kandor and it's like they are talking as if they know nothing about what happened. Doesn't Clark have the bottled city of Kandor? Haven't they known what happened to it for the past several decades?  
However, this is where one of my problems with the issue stems from. She talks about the annihilation of Kandor and it's like they are talking as if they know nothing about what happened. Doesn't Clark have the bottled city of Kandor? Haven't they known what happened to it for the past several decades? I know it got smashed during that Third Kryptonian storyline, but are they talking about a different Kandor now?

Clark even went on to visit his parents and spoke about how there could be thousands of Kryptonians still out there and he had to go find the real Brainiac to try and help them. Maybe I'm missing something and there were multiple Kandors or the bottled city I know as Kandor is some kind of moon colony or something.

After saying his goodbyes to Lois and his parents, Superman leaves in a pretty cool looking spaceship made of the same crystal formations the Fortress of Solitude has. He ended up watching a video of Non, the lobotimized scientist and mentor to Jor-El that was with Zod. Johns seemed to make a big deal about Non discussing Jor-El's doomsday prophecies for the planet Krypton and how no one would listen to them and that Brainiac's motives might be tied to them. I assume it was to collect a dying species sort of like a zoo, but couldn't really see how this was worth noting or how it was new news, but Superman acted really surprised for some reason.

Finally, Superman caught up to Brainiac's probes and began destroying them with ease, with seems at odds with how one of them gave him a little trouble last issue and even cut him open. This sparks the appearance of Brainiac's mothership and he quickly bottles up another alien city before launching a probe into the nearby star and causing it to pulse (doesn't go supernova, so not sure what he did exactly) and sent a wave out into the solar system, destroying the planet and, apparently, knocking out Superman, who is then captured by the "real" Brainiac.

Verdict - Must Read. Not sure why Brainiac's probes became weaklings or what's going on with this the lack of knowledge about Kandor, but I still enjoyed this issue a great deal and can't wait to see the next one. Excellent use of supporting characters, specifically Supergirl, and a nice proactive approach by Superman combined with this creepy new version of Brainiac have me enthralled with the current storyline.

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