Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Batman #678 Review

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea

Words cannot describe just how retarded this issue was. I consider myself a fairly well read individual and I can typically follow just about any comic or paperback story with relative ease.

That said, this...thing...didn't make a lick of sense. I think Dr Hurt pumped Batman full of drugs and dumped him in an alley in between what happened last issue and the start of this one. From there, Bruce walked around town with some imaginary friend, bought some drugs and then stitched up a new costume in an alley that looks like the Zur-En-Aarh Batman costume from the old Silver Age story that no one gave a crap about when it was originally published and no one outside of Grant Morrison has probably read since then. Oh, and Bat-Mite shows up at the end as Zur-En-Aarh Batman's sidekick.

This...thing...didn't make a lick of sense.   
We also saw the League of Villains hunting down Robin and Nightwing and find out Alfred was just beaten and tied up, not killed at the end of the last issue. Nightwing ended up getting taken out off panel, taken to Arkham or some other mental institute, pumped full of drugs and stuck in a padded cell while Robin was on the run from his pursuers.

Verdict - Avoid It. Seriously, this makes no sense, relies on Silver Age stories that have no place in current continuity with as little effort as Morrison has put into fleshing them out and does nothing to further the RIP storyline. At this point, I can't see how any amount of drugs or future issues could possibly make this story make any sense and it will most likely be retconned or forgotten the minute it ends.

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