Thursday, July 17, 2008

Batman and the Outsiders #9 Review

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Julian Lopez and Bit

Just when I thought it Batman and the Outsiders was going somewhere, this issue comes along and ends any chance of me continuing with the book past this issue.

First off, there's absolutely no follow up or fallout after the previous issue's excursion into China. It's hard to believe we just had an international incident that had no affect on the book nor was there anyone on the team even talking about said events. What was the point of that arc if it's pretty much been forgotten already?

If that wasn't bad enough, the story of this issue involves vampires, aliens replacing human minds with their own and other occult nonsense that is as far removed from the goddamn Batman as you can get. On top of that, Batman doesn't think someone kidnapping hundreds of humans, replacing their minds with an aliens, creating a giant "Death Star" laser and blowing a hole in the freaking Moon is JLA worthy and opts to keep it underwraps so the Outsiders can handle it. WTF?

Verdict - Avoid It. I love Dixon's work for the most part, but I'm more than happy to see him gone from this title. It started off with some promise, especially with all the controversy over the original creative team being ousted from the book mere months from launch, but this has been nothing but a downward spiral ever since.

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