Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blue Beetle #28 Review

Written by Will Pfeifer
Art by Davide Baldeón and Steve Bird

Pfeifer turned in another solid done-in-one issue. I don't mind these types of stories and he has a great handle on Jaime and his supporting cast, but, at the same time, it does feel like we've been treading water ever since Rogers left the book back in Blue Beetle #25. I shouldn't fault the issue for the directionless feel of the title as of late, but the new writer should be coming on soon (next issue?), so that complaint should be taken care of relatively soon.

The giant monster on the cover is a relic from the original Blue Beetle's, Dan Garrett, rogues gallery and yet another instance of paying tribute to the previous Blue Beetles in the pages of this title. That is the one thing I typically dislike about new takes or legacy characters - the lack of respect or complete disregard for the past. Thankfully, Blue Beetle has always paid its respects and homage to the previous encarnations and I'm still waiting for someone to make a, "W.W.T.K.D.?", t-shirt.

Blue Beetle has always paid its respects and homage to the previous encarnations and I'm still waiting for someone to make a, "W.W.T.K.D.?", t-shirt.  
The story is basically Jaime trying to track down the beast and finding an old man that's been trying to pay penance for his crimes over the past several decades. There was a nice Manhunter cameo that plays into what's going on in Manhunter's own title that I enjoyed, too.

Verdict - Check It. Solid done-in-one issue that gives you a full story, does a great job with the character and his supporting cast and manages to weave more of the Blue Beetle mythos into this title.

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