Friday, July 4, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/02/08

Merry Christmas everyone! Wait, wrong holiday. Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there! Be sure to blow something up for me during the festitivities.

As we all know, it was a really slow week in the comic world and the Moments of the Week kind of reflect that. I'll let you get right to it so you can get back to the celebrations, so hit the jump for all the moments.


"Internet Angry Over Comic Book"

I swear, Amazing Spider-Man and the Marvel staff are the biggest internet trolls in the world. It's like every other week there's some kind of jab at the fans. Whether throwing the "it's magic" line in our face or rubbing in the One More Day fiasco or this week's fan backlash, there's always some kind of half humour / half insulting tone to these "jokes".


"Zur En WTF"

This is a makeshift costume that the Zur En Arrh Batman wore back during the Silver Age comic this arc is drawing heavily from. Not sure what Bat-Mite is doing there, but this page should be used in any future "Don't Do Drugs" campaigns.


"Rachel, is that you?"

This scene was previewed months ago and the speculation ran rampant (well, a dull roar since this is Cable we're talking about) that this was a reincarnated Jean Grey or, my personal belief, the 616 version of Rachel (the current Rachel is captured by the Shi'ar and is from another universe).

"I want to live in the state of Miami."

I love how ditzy Hellcat was portrayed in this scene and her little fantasy with Beast was awesome.


"We should impound these evidence."

Those government bastards! I bet they were going to take them out of the plastic and everything. Don't they know how much those comics are worth!??


"I didn't know there was a long list."

Ouch. Poor Jaime needs a better tagline than El Paso's #1 hero.

"Don't mind if I do."

This scene probably doesn't seem all that great out of context like this, but it's just so fitting with Kate's character to take the drink and you never see any other heroes taking anyone up on offers like this.

"Ya think?"

I loved this scene. Bones was in the middle of a heated discussion with Manhunter when she pissed him off enough to cause him to fling his drink off the wall, prompting the secretary to come check on him. Awkward...

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Ampersand said...

No moments from Walking Dead? The "I don't need you" part was really shocking to me.

Sam said...

back to your post on the manhunter joker subplot. i think the joker is not trying to set him up. just kill people he knows to hurt him. hurting a person, someone cares about is something the joker has done before.

Eric said...

You left out the best scene from Manhunter: "How 'bout you stop your clothes from fighting mine!"

That whole little scene was great.

Salieri said...

I'm actually wondering about AXM...the internet seems to be under this vow of reluctance to scanning and posting pages...does Bianchi have that effect?

Kirk Warren said...

@ampersand - I loved the Walking Dead this week, but I couldn't really find a definitive moment from it. As a whole, the scenes come together adn are powerful, but any panel on its own seemed to lack enough punch and would require more backstory to explain why it was important.

@sam - True, but it just seemed a little too round about for someone like the Joker. And the fact it sounded like they were trying to pin the blame on Dylan when talking to the cops made me doubt his involvement. We'll have to wait and see.

@eric - I actually couldn't find a scan of that page. =(

@salieri - I saw scans of AXM, but there's nothing that happened in the issue that was even mildly shocking or moment worthy. They just sort of chat for most of it. Not much comedy or anything either. Few mild chuckles, but decidedly average issue for the most part.

Salieri said...

Oh, before I forget - notice that Honor Jackson appeared in Chapter 1 of RIP, commenting on Batman's face...also, that Doctor Hurt is wearing the same costume that Bruce has hallucinated his Father as wearing when exposed to fear gas - e.g., in "Face The Face".

Salieri said...

Oh, and in the previous issue, we hover over that costume when Jezebel mentions her father was shot dead.

AND, come to think of it, it's reminiscent of the costume of that one character in that one opera that Mozart wrote, based on his own manipulative father. In fact, I think it might be that costume.

Chin' said...

Love how you archived the site! Great idea and very well executed!

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