Saturday, July 12, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/10/08

While this was a great week in comics, the Comic Book Moments of the Week were dominated by both Booster Gold and Final Crisis: Requiem. There's still a wide variety of moments from a myriad of different books, but I'm pretty sure the number of moments these two books have outnumbers everyone elses combined. You can view all these and more moments from the past week in comics after the jump.


"Kryptonian. Found."

Brainiac gets the hardcore moment of the week with this solar system destroying event carried out simply to take down Superman.


"Rule 63 never fails."

While I haven't read this issue, I hope to god this isn't another one of Kraven's long lost children. He's already had two clones, er, sons show up, one dead, the other in Hollywood or something, and it would be ridiculous if this was yet another one of his offspring. However, I like her look and this splashpage is quite striking, so it worked its way into the Moments of the Week.


"I'm sure it's a very interesting story..."

Batgirl and Catwoman's faces in that bottom panel are pricless and capped off another great issue of Confidential.

BOOSTER GOLD #1,000,000

"How does he do that?"

This scene speaks for itself. Just a funny joke about Batman's hax preptime powers.

"Retro-active preptime confirmed."

Batman's preptime is so powerful, it's prepared for every eventuality. Even Booster Gold screwing up the past and attempting to save Batgirl from the Joker. I'm not going to argue over time travel and the retcon of him having those images of Booster trying to save her because I loved this chat and Batman's praising of Booster. You know your doing something right when Bats approves of what you are doing.

"Rule 63? Again?"

The supporting cast was looking a little thin here, so I like the fact they brought Booster Gold's sister in to replace the now dead again Ted Kord. There's also that damn blackboard again. Couldn't find a clearer picture online, but there wasn't nearly as many hints or surprises on this one as in the past.

"I hope Booster Gold's sister isn't the mother..."

This scene came after Booster Gold rejoined the Time Masters and went off to Paris with his sister. It is then that Rip Hunter reveals to us that he is Booster's son, which begs the question, who's the mother? Going to be kind of difficult for Booster to meet anyone in the time stream...

"Perhaps he was stupid as well."

Skeets in a beret? Faux historical exert that sounds like it's going to make some poignant remark about Booster Gold and then calls him an idiot? Best ending page or BEST ending page?


"We just don't like to make a fuss."

Captain Britain returned to his self-titled comic this week thanks to Merlin and is now weilding Excalibur. I'm not reading this series, but I damn wish I was. Have to see if there's some second printings coming because I don't think I can wait for the trade. Can someone explain what Excalibur does in the Marvel Universe? Is Captain Britain godmode now? What's it do for him, exactly? Hulk-level? Dr Strange magic power?


"Blatant fan exploitation #19389"

This isn't a jab at just DC, as Marvel is just as guilty of this crap, but this is one of the more blatant cash-in attempts in regards to an event that I've ever seen. See that big red circle? That's the only mention of anything remotely related to Batman RIP in this issue that bears a big Batman RIP trade dress at the top of the cover page. I know it makes sense, business-wise, but, man, is it a piss-off when you see either company do stuff like this.


"Say hello to my super-friends."

Upset with that one panel death scene in Final Crisis #1? Well, Tomasi and Mahnke do an excellent job over the course of these next few moments to fix that problem.

"Clearly, Batman's sexuality is Talia's greatest fear."

I loved the corny one liners J'onn has all his pyschic projections saying to each villain. And why is Batman so pimp? Everyone else is slaughtering their villains and he's shacking up with Talia.


The final death throes of J'onn as he struggles to the very end were great. It actually continues on another page, but I couldn't find a scan. Great send off that doesn't underplay just how powerful J'onn's really is. Imagine if he didn't have a giant, flaming spear stuck through his chest during this and he probably could have finished them all off.

"My favourite Martian. =("

Just in case you we're still doubting if he was dead or not, this pretty much confirms it in a rather graphic display.

"Manly tears were shed."

I loved everything about this last scene, from the chocos to Batman actually taking off the cowl to pay his respects to his fallen friend.


"He's the goddamn Batman."

Say what you will about Green Arrow and Black Canary's series or Winick in general, he does have his random moments and this depiction of Batman cleaning house from the onset of the fight was great.


"We come in peace."

Ya, these are the Saturday morning cartoons. I was surprised IDW were allowed to go so far with the Transformers property. This seems counter intuitive to selling toys to children, but makes for awesome comic moments.

"As always Starscream, you talk big but...when everything about you is small."

Ah, what's a Transformers comic without Megatron verbally abusing Starscream?

"You've got the touch."

And this final scene drives home how utterly defeated the Autobots are. I know it's a bit of a cliche to have Optimus Prime "die" in Transformers ever since the original movie, but it's still a pretty powerful message whenever you see it, so can't complain too much.


"Wonder Woman's harem."

We need an Elseworlds story featuring this Wonder Woman. For those wondering what's happening here, it's some sort of waking dream representing the affect of using her lasso on the soulless Stalker is having on Wonder Woman. Axe-Arm Aquaman is awesome and I expect a toy announcement within the hour.

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Brother129 said...

Great moments of the week. I'm already casting my vote for FC: Requiem as one of the single greatest issues of 2008. Mark it down!

Mugiwara said...

Doesn't Requiem annihilate Final Crisis #1's purpose? It was cool that Manhunter was killed in 2 pannels. All heroes can't have a glorious death. The point was that Libra was abble to bring down a major hero and kill him in front of Luthor and Cie.
But in Requiem, Libra is just the jerk who got owned by a half dead Manhunter and would have had his neck snapped if Luthor and the others didn't save his @$$. Even if Manhunter has been killed, the Libra from Requiem looks like a looser and not a major threat who cold rally so many super villains.

Sam said...

i dont consider Booster Gold's intervention a retcon. he didnt change anything. he was just there getting a beating. it didnt change any real continuity and Killing Joke isnt deluded for it.

Kirk Warren said...

@brother129 - Agreed. Requiem is already set to be one of, if not, the best single issue this year. I can't think of anythign that has topped it so far and it will take somethign miraculous from future releases to beat it.

@mugiwara - I was a little disappointed by Libra being tossed aside like nothing, but when you consider it's the Martian Manhunter, who is just as, if not, more powerful than Superman, it's hard to question him doing what he did in this issue.

I think the problem is he is never treated with the respect he is shown in this issue and is typically just the glorified watch duty guy or the teams' walking telepath communicators.

In regards to Libra, we sitll don't know how powerful he is. If he turns out to be just Darkseid's lacky, then there's not much to him. From what I can remember, all he does is leech half of everyone elses' powers. Whether he's a cosmic powerhouse after the one issue he appeared in years ago or not remains to be seen.

@sam - I meant Batman's having the photos of him for the last 10+ years (comic time) and not acting on them was the retcon, not Booster going back in time and failing.

Anonymous said...

Booster Gold: Always nice to see Batman doing something nice like that, very well written talk in that one page.

Detective Comics: Ugh...just...ugh.

Green Arrow/Black Canary: I was unaware throwing things solved all my life problems.

Transformers: Optimus is dead. Again. I haven't seen all the cartoons, but I count that as at least 4 or 5 times now. I can't remember if he died in Beast Wars. His death was retconned in Energon from his death in Armada, and well...he dies a lot. He's like Superman, but not annoying.

Ethereal said...

I definitely have to read Requiem ASAP. Those panels are amazing.

I'm really interested in both Wonder Woman and Booster Gold, from these moments of the week and others past. What is happening with the Booster Gold creative team? I thought I heard there was something going on there. Is there anything that would cause a negative future for the title (Creative changes, cancellations, etc.)?

What about Wonder Woman? Is it just like a Thor-esque title or what, where it's all "It doesn't make sense, but Magic is cool and stuff"?

I think Captain Britain is great, I'm not sure what Excalibur grants him, he might be "Superman-level". I think the title has alot of attractive qualities and with high sales, it seems to be proving that. Swords, Vampires, Magic, Governmental ties and lots of b-listers that should needed more spot-time.

Kirk Warren said...

@ethreal - Booster is losing Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz as of this issue (actually, I'm not sure if Katz is done for good or not, but this is Johns last issue).

Dixon is set to do a two issue arc, but I don't think anyone has been announced beyond that. Might just want to grab the first two trades and wait and see if there's a future for the book after Johns.

For some reason, I think Jurgens might be taking over writing duty after Dixon's arc, but that's not confirmed or anything.

As for Wonder Woman, Gail has been great and the first two arcs were perfectly easy to understand. This arc just jumps around the magical universe a bit too much without any explanations, but is still a fun read. I wouldn't compare it to JMS's Thor, as they are fairly different approaches, but it's drawing on some mythical and Wonder Woman lore, but nothing too heavy or continuity based. Pretty easily accessible all in all.

Thok said...

I suggest taking a look at Joker's Asylum: Penguin if you get a chance, since it contains two other excellent moments of the week. You'll know them when you see them.

Randallw said...

In that WW bit, who's that between Superman and Axuaman? Is that Darkseid's head?

Eric said...

@Randallw: Its an agent Diana works with named Tresser. His code name is Nemesis.

IslandLiberal said...

Regarding Captain Britain, there's already been a reprint of #1, and one of #2 is coming out soon.

As to Excalibur, I'm not clear on its exact properties, but if he's expected to fight the Magic-Skrull (who now has all English magic apart from that vested in Excalibur and Merlin) with it, they would be vast.

Secret Invasion had a couple of really cool moments: Black Widow's rescue of Iron Man and the final appearance of Thor and New Cap.

Eric said...

Kirk: Marvel has a second printing for CB:MI 13 #2 on 16th of this month and third printing for #1 on the 30th as well

Salieri said...

1) Stupid, stupid Dini!

2) I thought MM's clothes were a superintelligent symbiotic plant. shouldn't they be crumbling to ash?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised at the omission at one very important moment from Booster gold. The Epilogue with the "Bwa-Ha-Ha", that was the huge moment for me from Booster Gold this week. Alongside the return of the coming soon panels

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