Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/23/08

Some interesting news coming out of Comic Con this year, but nothing mind blowing yet. I know it's still early, but as GServo said to me on Twitter earlier, it's hard to have any major news when the events they've been hyping since last summer are still going on this year in the forms of Secret Invasion and Final Crisis. Here's hoping we get some bombs dropped over the weekend.

Oh ya, this is a Comic Book Moments of the Week thread. You can hit the jump for those.



God, the look on his face is priceless. I prefer Super Nibs to these red vines (assume it's licorice?). Wonder if it tastes like strawberries and pickles...


"To the fridge with thee!"

Dakota's having a rough go of it this arc. This looks more like a flesh wound, but when you consider what happened to Milla already and all the past history with Karen and Elektra, if I was a female, I'd get as far away from Daredevil as possible.


"You stay here. You come with me."

I was waiting for Mongul to do this since the first time the "two" of these guys showed up.

"Wasn't that your first use of deadly force?"

This was a very casual scene that seems like it should be important for some reason. Will the use of lethal force come back to haunt the Green Lanterns, maybe something to do with becoming a Red Lantern?

"I see what you did there."

F**k ya, Bzzd! This has to be one of the most painful "deaths" I've ever seen. Poor Mongul.

"That Mongul...he's always willing to lend a hand. Or an arm."

So, is Mongul dead or not? His arm is kind of hanging off here, but we never saw his rings (he has one for each finger roughly) fly off after his death, which makes this rather ambiguous.

"Bzzd. We hardly knew thee."

Wow, I never thought I'd miss a housefly after it died before.


"The Jerk Store called. They said they're all out of YOU!"

Good to see Eve and Rex patching things up. Everyone seemed to have nice moments like this this issue.

"Kid Omni-Man!"

Digging Kid Omni-Man's costume and name. Hope it sticks. But it seems like everyone has their own idea for a better name...

"Isn't Omni-Boy better?"

Great chat about their father and loved the debate about the new name.

"You're indestructible. Why did I ever give you kneepads in the first place?"

Okay, I was a little hard on the new costume, but they make a compelling case for the new one here, so I'll let it slide.

"Uh...these are Halloween costumes."

Wow, talk about an awkward moment. Nothing like walking in on your mom and her new boyfriend while wearing your new super hero costumes. And poor Kid Omni-Man. Such a cool name and I fear he's going to be labelled Invinciboy.

"You again!"

What the hell? Didn't Mark turn this guy's head into hamburger?


"This could hurt..."

Ever since Danny got the Book of the Iron Fist, he's been experience near Dragon Ball Z level of power growth. He blew up a train with his chi at the end of the 7 Capital Cities arc and here he has an awesome iron dragon fist of some kind. He's going to be taking on Galactus soon.


"It burns like when I pee."

While this issue amounted to nothing more than filler, I did enjoy the little bit of new information on how Skrulls "become" their targets.

ROBIN #175

"I think maybe...Batman's gone crazy."

Words cannot describe how great this moment was.

"Then I'm going to take Batman down."

The splashpage, from an art standpoint, isn't all that moment worthy, but the dialogue, including the previous page's build up to this, makes this a great moment.


"Is this about Zatanna?"

I didn't read this issue, but can someone explain what's up with the Zatanna reference? Did she and Superman knock boots or something? I thought Dini was the only one using her these days over in Detective Comics. Why is Lois worried about Clark cheating on her?


"Poor Gwen... your memory has been reduced to this."

It's no naked monologue, but Gage did a great job capturing the essence of the current Norman Osborn with this Gwen Stacy fetish joke. Poor Gwen. All most new readers will know of you is that you knocked uglies and had bastard children with the Green Goblin.


I don't know why, but I found their, "did you", conversation hilarious and perfectly in tone with how the current Moonstone and Norman have been portrayed.


"Tinman finally got a heart."

Ultimate X-Men was...different this month and ended with Wolverine slicing Colossus' heart out. Literally. Didn't realize his organs turned to metal when his skin did. Always assumed he had flesh and blood underneath.


"Nice view, maybe you'll show us it next time."

Someone messed up here. What's the point of talking about some beautiful view and then never showing us it? And what happened to Angel's shoulders and body in that first panel?


It's moments like this that remind me of why I hate Greg Land's art.

"Who could tell, Emma?"

Can someone explain this scene to me? This guy asks them for an autograph and they want to lobotomize the poor guy.

"Hi Cannonball. Bye Cannonball."

This was the ending to the Magneto fight in Uncanny X-Men #500 this week. Yes, this is the only time we see Cannonball and the only thing he says is that he's sorry for being late. He's seen in the background of one panel after that and then disappears for the rest of the issue.

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Andrenn said...

I miss Invincible. I dropped it come around #40 or so, I can't exactly remember, but it looks like it's getting good again. I may pick up #51.

I would just like to say that I absolutely hate Greg Land's art, and always will. Unless he goes back to his older, much better, style.

Ethereal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ethereal said...

Needed to fix some typoes.

Wow, The UncannyXM art is the most horrid thing I've seen in recent memory. What. The. Fuck.

I think I might jump back on to Iron Fist, "I write cable" hasn't screwed it up with the first issue, which is a surprise. The art isn't as terrible either.

I can't help but think Robin is a joke now, I agree that the panel was meant as humor, but there's no real direction for the book (Is he a titan? Is he Batman? Is he a kid?). Frowns at Dixon.

Is Daredevil going to be the next Marvel wifebeater? Or is he Marvel's answer to Bruce Wayne? I'm not complaining about the arc, but the point you brought up is pretty accurate.

Kirk Warren said...

@andrenn - Invincible had a bit of a rough patch around the early 40sa nd delays didnt help either, but it's really come together recently. 51 is a good spot to get back into the book.

Those are actually some of the worst examples of Land's art in the book. I didn't outright hate this like his Ultimate Power or other recent work.

@ethreal - that was actually written by Fabian. I think Dixon is officially done on the book despite the issue solicited as being written by him. I thought it was fairly well done, but I hate the multiple versions floating around. As you said, is he the Teen Titan version? Batman protege? Robin the boy blunder sidekick?

As for Daredevil, Matt doesn't do any of hte actual damage to the characters, so no on the wifebeater part, but he's probably the Kyle Rayner of the Marvel Universe with girlfriends (Jade and the first one who's name escapes me; first girl to be literally put in a fridge) and women (his mom was killed by Sinestro super virus member) in his life ending up in fridges at an alarming rate (technically, Matt's been at the whole girlfriend sandbagging thing a lot longer than Kyle,b ut Kyle is the originator of the women in fridges movement, so gets the top billing).

MaGnUs said...

Hey Kirk, reat section, I do something similar in my column, and I just gave you a shout out a few days ago:

Eric said...

GLC was full of awesome moments this week. Lots of great stuff there.

I might check out Robin now. Anyone know if Nicieza is the writer for the book?

Andrenn said...

Just wanted to say about Superman, I think that Zatanna reference may somehow go back to Superman #666 last year. I picked it up on a it, Zatanna and The Question mess with Supes' head for some reason. It was insane, I honestly can't explain it. It sucked of course and I threw it out. But that's the most recent encounter with Zatanna I can think of for Superman.

Salieri said...

1) Crusader's reasons for liking Earth are strangely similar to that of Warren Ellis' Ultimate treatment of Captain Marvel...and, thinking about it, you could trace it back to all the oldest sci-fi stories, films where aliens become entangled with Earth culture, back to "The Man Who Fell To Earth" and "War Of The Worlds". Just for once I'd like to see an alien who stayed on Earth because it was the nearest planet available with a breathable atmosphere.

2) Thank goodness Grant Morrison never wrote himself into Marvel-Earth, the way he did for DC-Earth in "Animal Man"...he'd be joining the Charles Xavier Hospital Ward For Bald Men Whose Minds Were Pointlessly Wiped By Uppity Mutants.

IslandLiberal said...

Possibly the "Professor X" thing is meant to occur when they still think the Professor is dead/MIA.

Randallw said...

That Avengers:Initiative picture. His face? I thought that was a woman.

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