Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #26 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason and Drew Geraci

Easily the best book of the week, Green Lantern Corps delivered the goods and then some with a Sinestro Corps War-like battle royal with Mongul that featured a shocking ending that I didn't see coming.

After quickly taking out the assembled Green Lantern Corps members last issue, Mongul orders Mother Mercy to feed the GLC's to her children and harvest the rings from their dead bodies when she is finished under the threat of extinction for her and her children if she does not comply.

Mother Mercy agrees, but secretly frees the GL's after Mongul leaves. We were treated to another glimpse at the GL's deepest fears, which was a great useage of the Mercies on Tomasi's part.

It was, quite possibly, one of the most badass things I've ever seen.
After Mother Mercy frees the GLC's, they quickly hunt down Mongul resulting in a fight of epic proportions that ends with Bzzd, the diminutive insect Green Lantern, entering Mongul's body and tearing him apart from the inside, ending with him busting out through Mongul's eyeball! It was, quite possibly, one of the most badass things I've ever seen and will most definitely be showing up in the Moments of the Week on Friday.

I was, however, really disappointed Ion didn't do much considering how powerful he's supposed to be, but I'll chalk it up to him being weakened after being trapped by the Mercies for the past few issues.

With Mongul badly injured by Bzzd, the Green Lanterns send him flying into Mother Mercy's killing field where she begins feeding him to her children. His Sinestro Corps rings never fly away, implying he isn't dead, but the issue ended by showing most of his body submerged in the Mercy's digestive system and Mongul's severed arm lying next to him. Add in the fact Bzzd burst through his eyeball and I can't see how he survived this encounter, but if he survives digestion, he may show up as a Black Lantern later on.

Sadly, Bzzd, one of the more unique Green Lanterns, didn't survive the encounter, already weakened by the Black Mercies and encounter with Mongul last issue, and died shortly after his assault on Mongul. I didn't think I'd care about the little guy's death, but Tomasi did another great job handling the death of a character (see his treatment of Martian Manhunter in Requiem for another recent instance of this) and Bzzd's death scene was another powerful moment in this issue.

Finally, Bzzd's ring and the Sinestro Corps ring of Mongul's subordinate flew off to find a new host, both choosing Mother Mercy for the job. She (it?) cuts off her own tentacle and hands over the Sinestro ring to the Green Lanterns to take back to Oa, opting to become the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps. I'm not sure how this will work out because Bzzd was Mogo's partner and this will make two stationary Green Lanterns for one sector, one being a planet and the other confined to her planet. Maybe Mother Mercy will migrate to Mogo? Still, that sector is screwed in terms of GL support...

Verdict - Must Read. It's worth it just for the Mongul fight alone, but, once you add in the character moments and death of Bzzd and Mother Mercy joining the GLC, it makes this issue a must have for everyone.

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