Thursday, July 24, 2008

Invincible #51 Review

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Ryan Ottely

That big "Fifty 1st Issue" blurb just screams jumping on point for people without outright relaunching as a new number one. The problem with this is that this is about as accessible for new readers as a Claremont comic. There is no recap or explanation of past events or anything remotely new reader friendly here, which is a shame after the exceptional bit of marketing used on the cover.

Just because it wasn't accessible doesn't mean this issue wasn't good. Oh no, far from it. This was an excellent new direction for the title. I only bring up the new reader aspect because of how prominent the "1st Issue" on the title is. If you were looking to try out Invincible, I'd go grab the first couple of trades and work your way up to this one. You won't regret it.

So, what was so inaccessible for new readers in this issue? Well, we have a lot of relationships expanded upon, such as Mark and Eve's and even Eve and her ex, Rex-Splode's, who are back on friendly terms after their break-up. Even Invincible's mom gets in on the action.

Once we get into Mark's little brother, Oliver, and his being purple and super fast growing and all that, things start getting more and more complicated for new readers, but a logical progression for long time fans. I'm probably harping on this a lot more than I should be, but Kirkman brought this on himself with the way this cover is and how the issue is being marketed.

The original Invincible costume is one of the few unique and iconic costumes created since the Silver Age and it's a shame to see it retired after only 50 issues.
Speaking of Oliver, he becomes Invincible's new sidekick, as the cover clearly shows, and takes on the name, Kid-Omni Man, a homage to their father. I loved the conversation between Mark and Oliver while discussing possible names and Mark finally breaking the news that their father did some pretty horrible things while on Earth was great.

I already discussed my thoughts about the new Invincible costume in the previews this week, but I already miss the classic yellow, blue and black. The original Invincible costume is one of the few unique and iconic costumes created since the Silver Age and it's a shame to see it retired after only 50 issues. Hopefully this black and blue version is only temporary and we'll see the original costume back in the near future.

Verdict - Must Read. Despite my misgivings on the marketing aspect of the book, Invincible still remains one of the best super hero comics on the market and consistently a Must Read title. I hope this quick follow up from issue 50 is a sign we'll be seeing this book return to its monthly scheduling again.

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