Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nightwing #146 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Don Kramer and Sandu Florea

Freefall has been a great debut for Tomasi and a definite return to form for the Nightwing title on the whole. While the actual plot of this story was average, at best, with the whole digging up dead super villains and, later, the grafting of wings onto the baby factory Great Ten member's constant stream of super aging babies, the characterization and overall treatment of Nightwing, Dick Grayson and his role in the DCU has been the best it's ever been.

To sum this issue up in a few words, Nightwing and Talia team up to take down the mad scientist, Creighton, and free the captured Great Ten member. It's really a rather striaghtforward conclusion, but it did the best it could with the material at hand. The interplay between Talia and Dick was great and I liked the Superman bit at the end, which mirrored how Tomasi's arc began with Superman talking to Nightwing.

One thing of interest was the idea of a graveyard for super powered individuals and the possibility of collecting all the dead heroes and villains and relocating their bodies to a designated area below the JLA's headquarters to prevent any future tampering with genetic tissue from the fallen heroes or villains.

What's the big deal with this, you ask? Well, Tomasi writes Green Lantern Corps and the Green Lantern titles are building to an event, the Blackest Night, that involves the resurrection of the dead to join the Black Lantern Corps. Is this just coincidence or will this super powered graveyard be a major focal point come Blackest Night? Seems like a prime spot for some rings to show up if they collect all the dead super powered individuals in one place...

Verdict - Check It. Pretty average issue overall and I'm glad to see this plot wrapped up. It wasn't the best, but Tomasi made the characters work and Dick hasn't been written this well in a long time.

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