Friday, July 4, 2008

Project: Rooftop's Superman: Man of Style Contest Finalists

Project: Rooftop has been running a Superman: Man of Style contest whereby people are asked to submit their attempts at redesigning Superman's classic costume. They've narrowed the field down to 21 finalists and there's some pretty interesting designs on the whole. I've included a few of my favourites after the jump, but feel free to head over to the finalists page and check out the rest of the designs.

While this entry doesn't really work in the modern setting, I think it would make a great Elseworlds take on the Man of Steel. Maybe something with him crashing and being raised by the Amazons or an ancient Rome style adventure.

This isn't much of a costume, per se, but I love the messiah-like look and feel of the costume. With a few tweaks, this could make for a pretty interesting new look. However, it would also fall into the Elseworlds category.

The S-emblem needs to be defined a little more, but I love the Kryptonian army outfit, alla Zod and company, Superman is sporting here. However, it still falls into the non-costume category for me and only something Superman would wear in an Elseworlds or limited fashion. Just doesn't say super hero to me. Still, a great job nonetheless.

This is the best super hero costume design of the bunch, in my opinion. While I think it needs to have the S-emblem reverted to the classic or a less stylized version, this entry does a nice job of updating the entire Super-family and, with a few tweaks, could actually be something I could see being used in the comic if DC was ever allowed to modify their merchandising cashcow's look.


There's a lot of great designs featured in this contest, but the majority fall into Elseworlds territory. I still feel the Ultimate DC mockups from Wizard several years back are an excellent choice for a modern update and could see an amalgamation of that with the last entry I spotlighted above as a viable new costume for Superman.

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Salieri said...

Of all of them I think my fave would be the model by Jemma Salume; that one seems the more fluid, like it was specifically designed for flight.

I'm thinking the first one would probably be cool enough to work out as that of the Tangent Superman, were Tangent Comics reimagined today.

Hikerman said...

Thanks so much for showing me this site! Some of old entries are awesome!

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