Thursday, July 31, 2008

Skaar: Son of Hulk #2 Review

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Ron Garney

I really don't know what Greg Pak is doing with Son of Hulk. It's just so all over the place and he's introducing these new factions that had nothing to do with his Planet Hulk storyline that it makes me feel like I'm reading some out of continuity fantasty story instead of about the Son of Hulk and his adventures on Sakarr only about a year after the death of the Red King and the Warbound exodus to Earth for revenge.

Take this issue, for an example, the Conan Son of Hulk fights the Axe Lord, kills some dragons and then some princess with giant metal can openers for arms shows up to join forces with him. There's some cool action here, but little to no actual story or, at least, none that makes sense.

We still don't know how Skaar survived the "smashing" of his non-Hulk body. He looked like an Oldstrong child, gets smashed as if he was made of stone and then shows up later that night as the Hulk-like Skaar.

Verdict - Check It. It's entertaining, but only from a fantasy fan's viewpoint. There's little to no actual Hulk, Planet Hulk, Sakaar or Son of Hulk story here. In fact, if you didn't know this book was about the son of the Hulk, you'd be wondering why Marvel was publishing a Conan knock off.

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