Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ultimate Spider-Man #124 Review

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen

I'm still put off by the odd storytelling / recap nature of this storyline. I don't even know if all of this is new material or if it's just the Bendis integrating and retelling the USM video game, but it all comes off like I missed important events that this story is based upon.

It's like I've been given enough information that I'll know what's going on, much like just reading about this on Wikipedia, and, at $3 a pop, I don't like it when a book gives me that feeling.

In fact, this issue had a much more disjoint feeling than the last one and it jumps around from different time periods to retell parts of the story, like the Silver Sable fight / capture of Venom or the Beetle section or even a Nick Fury subplot, which seems out of place in the post-Ultimate Power status quo. When it jumped to Mary Jane and Peter at school discussing Pete's health, I was beginning to wonder if this was the present day and to what they were referring. It was just poorly scripted changes of scenes and time frames.

I believe the only real purpose of this story was to introduce the Beetle and show him breaking into Roxxon along with the numerous references to Roxxon's ties to Latveria and possibly Dr Doom.

Verdict - Check It. It's still Ultimate Spider-Man, so everyone should be able to enjoy it on some level, but these last couple of issues have killed all the momentum the book had been building with Super Friends and other arcs.

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