Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Walking Dead #50 Review

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard

It was a pleasant surprise when I found The Walking Dead waiting for me at the shop today as Diamond didn't have it listed in its tentative release list for this week and I didn't even hear anything about it coming out until I got to the shop.

It's hard to believe a "zombie book" made it through fifty issues, especially when you consider it's entirely in black and white. That's just a testament to how good this title is and I look forward to, hopefully, another fifty or more issues of this series.

This issue continued to follow Rick and his son, Carl, in the aftermath of the Woodbury attack on the prison and the subsequent deaths of well over half the supporting cast in this book. In fact, we haven't seen any other possible survivors, aside from Rick and Carl, since then.

As far as Walking Dead issues go, this was another breather issue as we deal with Rick being shot and Carl looking after him. Kirkman does an incredible job showing us the effect this zombie infested world has had on young Carl and the lengths he must go to cope with the loss of his mother, baby sister, everyone and thing he knows and the fact his father is sick and possibly dying right in front of him.

Add a couple of zombies to the mix and it looked like the young boy was at his breaking point, especially when his father starts moaning and he's ready to shoot him when he believes he has turned into a zombie.

Verdict - Must Read. It's a true character piece and one of the best looks at how people, especially children, are dealing with this world gone mad in this series and a nice change of pace from the action oriented No One is Safe arc.

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