Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Kind of Free Stuff Do You Want?

Hey guys, how's it going? I've been dropping not so subtle hints about the one year anniversary of the site over the past month or so. I've also mentioned, on occasion, that I'll be running another contest to coincide with it.

Well, bad news is I won't be running a contest. No, I figured one contest wouldn't be good enough. Instead, the good news is, I'll be running several contests over the next week, starting August 1st. There will be multiple ways to enter, whether by way of simple comments or for RSS feeds, etc.

This is where you guys come in. I've settled on a few prizes, but I'm looking to add more and want some suggestions on what you guys would like a shot at winning. The catch is, I'll be buying everything on and mailing it out to each winner as a gift. So, if you have any ideas or suggestions for a particular book, make sure it is available on Amazon (pretty much everything is though). Also, I can't afford to hand out Absolutes or omnibii or other $50-100 prizes. Try to keep it within $10-25 range.

Hit the jump for a few of the ideas I've been considering.

The Dark Knight Returns - Obviously, this would be a nice tie-in to the current Batman movie tearing up the box office. However, it's one of the most popular comics of all time and I'm guessing most people might already have it, but I doubt anyone is going to complain.

Batman: Year One - Similar to DKR, this could be a nice tie-in to the movie, which draws heavily from this comic.

Manhunter - I love this series and think a free copy of the first trade might make a good prize to introduce people to the book.

Blue Beetle - Another DC series I love and think a free trade might get people into the title.

Sandman - I'm actually cheating on this one since I already own the trades and will be giving several of them away after having upgraded to the first two Absolutes. I doubt anyone will complain about them as they are still in near mint condition.

Annihilation - As popular as this was, I don't think it really tore up the sale charts and figure this could be one of the few event books that a large number of people don't already own.

Immortal Iron Fist - Based on the monthly sales figures, I'm guessing most aren't buying this series, making it an easy choice.

Nextwave - "Mark Millar licks goats."

On the indy side of things, I've come up with a few random books, of which I'll probably choose one or two from:

The Walking Dead
Scott Pilgrim
Atomic Robo
Y: The Last Man


I actually had a recent surge in Amazon purchases from my affiliate store, which jumped me from about $3 in earnings to close to $20 (I had already cashed out $15 for the last contest), and this helped me decide to boost the number of contest items across the board.

I'm still only going to be giving out about 5 trades, plus the 4 Sandman trades, so I'm going to leave this post open to suggestions as to what kind of prizes you guys would like to see given away. More mainstream? More obscure indy books? Event titles?

Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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Randallw said...

Well here's my say,

Batman: Year One - It'd be nice. Not really interested as such but I'm more interested in it than DKR.

Sandman - I found two volumes of this at the library the other week. Great stuff. My local shop has all of them available but I'd have to buy them all (lots of $) or somehow pick which one I'd want.

Annihilation - I'd be interested. It's looked good.

Immortal Iron Fist - I'd love to see what my grandfather got up to, if indeed ol Grandpa Orson is in them.

Nextwave - This is my favourite of the list. I've seen some recent Machine Man and would love a copy.

Randallw said...

As an 8-Bit theatre fan I'd also love Atomic Robo. Can't think off hand of anything else. I got a copy of Infinite Crisis Superman a bit cheap the other day, but was dissapointed it focussed on Superman, and not Superboy Prime or Alex Luthor. Yeah I should have paid attention to the cover. If anything I'd appreciate being told which trades have Alex Luthor up to him being offed by the Joker, or Superboy prime up until he kills a few Titans, or the big battle at the End. Is there such a trade?

It's all moot probably as I'm Australian so I don't know if I'd be paying freight. Ah well.

Bill said...

I love Atomic Robo like it was my own child, but you've already done it (pick up the trade if you can, randallw, it's great!).

Year One and DKR are great and all, but it seems like most everybody who would want to has already read them. At least among those who might be reading your blog.

Manhunter's a great choice, since it's a solid book that could maybe use some attention. Ditto Noble Causes (the archives are great, but it's the b&w phonebook style with the terrible paper, but it's worth it cause the stories are excellent). I'd say Catwoman, but that's already been cancelled (*sob*).

Or you could go for upcoming and lesser known movie stuff, like The Spirit, though other than character names I get the impression this will have nothing to do with the movie.

Bill said...

And naturally as soon as I submit I think of another, Dynamo 5 (a Noble Causes semi-spinoff) is excellent, and could probably use some attention.

Ethereal said...

From the list I wouldn't mind DKR or Sandman, and highly promote both Iron Fist and Manhunter (Both books need some attention).

As for things that haven't been mentioned, what about Watchmen?

Lee Nygma said...

I can't seem to find Atomic Robo on this side of the ocean, everything else I already own and all would make excellent prizes...though I think if you were looking for more ideas, I'd say go the independant route, introduce people to something new from some great authors out there.

Maybe go for some starter trades, such as Preacher #1, Transmetropolitan #1, Powers #1, Lucifer #1 other things that have been mentioned, Invincible, Walking Dead, Sandman etc.

Rawnzilla said...

Watchmen! with all the hype from the trailer, it would be a great contest prize! thanks for doing this kirk, i love your site. it's what i imagine my site would look like if i wasn't lazy and had motivation. great stuff!

also, Nova, Thor, and Fables are good choices as well.

Ampersand said...

I fully back the Annihilation idea. I've been meaning to buy the whole thing for a while now, and winning some of it would be great.

skafactor said...

astro city


kingdom come

secret war (original)

planet hulk

infinity gauntlet

killing joke

Identity Crisis

Atomic Robo

FAbles Snow fall


tangent question
i have a ton of HCs And tpbs that i want to get rid of but don't want to use ebay, and haven't had great responses on craigslist what do you suggest?

Kirk Warren said...

Nice suggestions so far, keep 'em coming guys.

@randallw - If you know of any Australian based online comic dealers, I can see about going through them (maybe if you or other Aussies win.

Similarly, if any Europeans win, suggest what would be the cheapest location to ship from and I can see about using that for you. I mainly used as the basis for where I'd be getting my books from for the contests.

@bill - I actually mentioned Dynamo 5 on Twitter yesterday when a few of us threw about suggestions.

@ethreal - Good call on Watchmen. Can't believe I forgot that.

@skafactor - Might toss a Confessor trade on with that Astro City suggestion. Haven't read that in ages, but it's easily one of the best comic arcs ever written.

Wow, did they just print off new Infinity Gauntlet trades? I could have sworn they were out of stock / print for the longest time. Just checked on Amazon after you mentioned it and they actually have it.

As for where you can sell some trades and hc's, with ebay out of the picture, I can't honestly think of anywhere you could unload them. Maybe your comic shop would buy some back / give you store credit for a few?

Andrenn said...

This is kind of funny, I just got a new copy of DKR last night. My old one, like Watmchen, got ruined.

Anyway, I can't find Watchmen now wherever I go, so I'd definitely like to win that.

Batman: Year One sounds good, as I've never read all of it, just the first 3 chapters.

Another book I can't find is Marvel Zombies: The Covers. I saw it one time at my LCS and I haven't seen it anywhere else. No matter how many times i visit the bookstore, it's never there.

Would figures be an option? Because if I could win that Batman and Son Batman figure, that would be awesome.

While I didn't like it as much as DKR, The Dark Knight Strikes Again was all right, and I wouldn't mind getting a TPB of it. I can never find a copy here.

World War Hulk TPB recently came out. That would be cool.

Aside from those, I can't really think of much. Maybe The Long Halloween for Batman. Since it influenced The Dark Knight film.

Anyway, thanks for listening Kirk, I look forward to your next contest.

The Dangster said...

Manhunter. very wise choice.

Andrenn (agian) said...

I just remembered that the Aliens and Predator Omnibuses are 25 bucks each. I think the Predator ones are 2 volumes and the Alien ones are at 4 volumes. I already have both volumes of AvP Omnibuses.

Randallw said...

Unfortunately there is no Australian Amazon. I usually order stuff at my local book shop/comic store if I want something. I occasionally use Amazon if there is something out of the ordinary I want like physics or history essays/thesis.

Harry said...


Hell yeah.

mrpeepants said...

I think you should look into the lesser chart topping stuff. You pimp some good books that it wouldn't hurt to support. stuff like catwoman, manhunter, wonder women, immortal iron fist, robin, atomic robo, booster, blue beetle, scott pilgrim, nova, xfactor

Tyler said...

I would really like the manhunter trades, i've heard that they are pretty awesome but can't find them

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