Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wolverine #67 Review

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Steve McNiven

Millar and McNiven delivered another enjoyable romp through the future-gone-wrong Marvel Universe with Wolverine #67. While I'm sure everyone has read the spoilers on forums or read the issue themselves already, let's give a quick rundown of what happened for the rest of you.

As you all know, Hawkeye, one of the few surviving heroes left alive and now blind, has come to recruit Wolverine, who has settled down, gotten married, had children and is now a pacifist.

One slight problem for Logan's life of happiness - the Hulk Gang has come to collect rent he doesn't have - forcing him to take Hawkeye's offer to escort him across America.

This issue follows the duo, who are using Spider-Man's old Spider-Mobile, as they drive across America to deliver the mysterious package. First stop - San Francisco, where we get to see what the Mole Man's Moloids' have done to the city.

I'm not sure how important any of this was to the actual story, but I think it served its purpose, which is, most likely, simply to entertain us in that Mark Millar popcorn movie / summer blockbuster-like manner and it succeeds at that in spades.
While exploring the city, they are attacked by Ghost Riders, a gang of cheap imitations of the real Ghost Rider - they have the flaming bikes and chains, but no flaming skull. Wolverine takes another beating here, refusing to defend himself or hurt another living being again. Just as the it looks like the Riders will make off with the goods, the blind Hawkeye shows us that he's still got the goods with some well placed arrows to the hapless Ghost Riders.

I'm not sure how important any of this was to the actual story, but I think it served its purpose, which is, most likely, simply to entertain us in that Mark Millar popcorn movie / summer blockbuster-like manner and it succeeds at that in spades.

The two former heroes travel from San Fran to Hammer Falls, Nevada where they are confronted by a seriously lacking Ultron. He's sporting the same look as he has in Marvel 1985, making me think the villains in this story may just be the same ones featured in that one. Maybe a time warp or something to do with how they return from the "real" world at the end of that series leads to this apocalyptic future?

Ultron isn't here to kill the two, though, and he simply directs Hawkeye to his ex-wife, Tonya, who is one of Spider-Man's children. Seems the two had a child named Ashley and she took up the Spider-Man mantle and formed a super team with some friends in an attempt to take down the Kingpin. Obviously, it didn't go so well and she has been captured and is awaiting execution and we catch a glimpse of "Spider-Bitch" (not sure if she's still called that, but I remember the uproar about it when it was originally announced) in her cell wearing a modified Spider-Girl costume.

Verdict - Check It. It's still very much a fluff piece, but I always find thesealternate future Elseworlds-like stories entertaining, so I have no problem with the relative lack of meat and potatoes this story has to offer. This is not Ultimates nor is it Civil War for anyone looking for those types of stories, but I think there's enough here to keep just about anyone entertained, whether it's the beautiful art of Steve McNiven or Millar's entertaining yarn.

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