Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Panther #40 Review

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Jefte Palo

I didn't think it would be possible for Aaron and Palo to follow up on the simply amazing last issue, but the duo managed to pull out all the stops and give us wall to wall action with a brilliant narrative and tight scripting, which served to move this story along swimmingly.

Basic premise of the tie-in is that Skrulls want Wakanda for the vibranium. Wakanda has no real super heroes (the Panther is merely a man), so they've sent some foot soldiers and the odd Super Skrull with them to subdue the small nation.

Problems arise when most of their sleeper agents have been ferreted out and their systems have been compromised, resulting in a ground war between the two forces. It was handled extremely well and quite believable, as far as super hero and alien wars can be seen as believable, and the dark and moody art fit the well crafted story perfectly.

Well, this issue continues the story with a much more human perspective, as opposed the Skrull perspective of last issue, as we are shown how T'Challa feels every casualty on his side, lamenting the names and occupations and loved ones of assorted guards, militia and simple farmers that have taken up arms against the Skrulls.

This all takes place as Black Panther fights against the Super Skrull, who he systematically takes apart, literally, as he breaks arms, gouges eyes and defeats his superior foe.

However, all is for naught as it is the remaining sleeper agent Skrulls reveal themselves, one taking out Storm while another takes down Black Panther from behind, ending our issue with the two Wakanda leaders defeated and their people retreating to behind the city walls.

Verdict - Must Read. This is easily the best Black Panther I have ever read and a superior secret invasion than the actual Secret Invasion event. Cannot recommend this enough.

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