Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Booster Gold #11 Review

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Dan Jurgens

To be honest, Booster Gold didn't skip a beat with the change over from Johns and Katz to this Chuck Dixon two parter, which is a good thing in my opinion.

Picking up with the return of Booster's sister, we follow the team on their next time spanning adventure - this time dealing with another Batman related time anomoly.

Apparently, an old Detective Comics story featuerd a villain with time travel capabilities who could travel backwards in time and committed crimes as he went along, all ending with him retiring and becoming a philantropist who aided Thomas Wayne with donations and other such things that ultimately lead to Batman's origin. Somehow, during a crime using the Killer Moth as his muscle, Batgirl breaks his device and it requires the Time Masters' intervention to fix.

If everything went according to plan, this wouldn't be a Booster Gold book and, predictably, time doesn't get fixed with a simple fill-in as Killer Moth on Booster's part. While the device didn't get destroyed, Killer Moth gained a huge amount of street cred for taking down Batman (Booster took them out to prevent them from stopping the time travel villain) and it lead to a Gotham where evil rules and the Killer Moth is the "Batman" of villains with Penquin and others using a Moth-signal to call him and everything.

Cue the return to the past to fix time again. This time Booster's going to simply replace Batman instead of the Killer Moth, but things don't go well when Alfred "This is my boomstick" Pennyworth welcomes them all with his shotgun, leaving us with the promise of more Booster goodness next month.

Verdict - Check It. Dixon is a perfect follow up to Johns and Katz, which makes me sad he's been fired by DC. He would have made a great replacement for that team.

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