Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Captain Britain and MI13 #4 Review

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Leonard Kirk

After several months of moments dominating the Moments of the Week, I finally got a hold of the second printings of this series and found out what all the hype was about and, boy, am I glad I did.

I'm not going to bother summarizing the previous issues, but the basic jist of this series is that the Skrulls have come to Britain and are waging war on the entire magic kingdom of Avalon.

To that end, they've killed just about every major magic entity in Avalon, 'killed' Captain Britain and have absorbed all the magical totems and artifacts for use by their Super Magic Skrull. I can't possibly due justice to how amazing this series has been and even if you are avoiding everything Secret Invasion related, I emplore you to give this a shot. I've never even read a comic with any of these characters in it before and I'm loving every page of these first four issues.

Getting back to this issue, Captain Britain returned last issue and claimed Excalibur, the last remaining magical item in Avalon. He promptly uses it to kick some Skrull ass before going toe to toe with the magic version Super Skrull.

"No more Skrulls." - Pete Wisdom
Back in Avalon, Wisdom, Spitfire and Skrull John Lennon (he's a good Skrull that just likes to look like John Lennon) face the remaining Skrull troops, whom have captured them. John is killed for lipping off too much, but the rest are "saved" by the evil magic entities Wisdom was forced to release last issue to save Avalon and revive Captain Britain.

For releasing them, the evil entities owe Wisdom one boon and, in one of the best parodies ever, Wisdom proclaims, "No more Skrulls.", a statement I find myself shouting more and more often. This results in every single Skrull on the island of Britain and in Avalon being killed and any Skrulls who attempt to enter find themselves immediately fried with magic.

Verdict - Must Read. This seems to be the final Secret Invasion tie-in for this title and I hope it results in some boosted sales that keep this book on the shelves because it's a damn fine book and it's just been added to my pull list indefinitely.

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