Friday, August 1, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/30/08

I know, I know, you must be thinking, what, with the One Year Later Anniversary and the Manhunter Vol 1 TPB Giveaway Contest and the guest post by JK Parkin, that I was probably too busy to put the new Comic Book Moments of the Week up.

Well, you know me, I couldn't let you guys miss out on your weekly momenty goodness, so I'm posting again today to do just that - give you your new Moments of the Week. Hit the jump and all that, etc, etc.


"Hammerhead? When did you get so awesome?"

Okay, if this is Hammerhead, kudos to whoever made him awesome. Of all the Brand New Day artists, Bachelo has been the most impressive in my eyes. McNiven's looked great, but Bachelo's just seems to be on a whole new level compared to his past work.

"Actually, I can't fly."

Okay, this was pretty funny. Anyone know why Spidey is wearing the sling on his arm? Sympathy? Some storyline I haven't heard about?

"Why are they putting a costume on top of their other costume?"

I guess they needed to let us know who these guys are, so had them put the Spidey costume on top of their regular ones? Also, it seems like the Marvel Universe keeps going back to the Marvel Minis for answers to their problems. I remember back during the Civil War Marvel Minis when they had Spidey talking to Jonah as Daredevil and Iron Fist (or was it Hawkeye?) swung by outside the window in an attempt to prove Peter wasn't Spider-Man.

"USA vs Steve Rogers? WTF?"

Wasn't Steve Rogers registered by default since he was a member of the US military? Hell, doesn't everyone know who Captain America is anyways? How can they sue for wrongful death of someone dying on the way to court? This doesn't make a lick of sense.


"Is that the Thundercats symbol?"

Note to self - don't try to infiltrate Wakanda.

"Then you have already lost. For I have trained my entire life to face the unknown."

Okay, this was all kinds of awesome. Rarely does anyone other than Batman get to say such badass dialogue.


"Jaime really sucks at being on TV."

He really does, though. Maybe he'll get better on the new Brave and the Bold cartoon.

"This is not a date -- understand?"

Poor Paco, I know where he's coming from on this one.


"...all that changes."

This moment lacks a little punch without the build up to it in the previous pages, but I loved the ending to this month's issue.


"The Massacre of Sector 666"

So, who thinks the Guardians sent the Manhunters in to kill everyone and who thinks it was just a "glitch" in the programming? I'm betting it turns out they wanted to stop the Blackest Night from happening and engineered the whole thing.


"The Joker-mobile"

Nice wheels, Mr J. Love the Watchmen / Comedian buttons, too.

"Death in my comics? Shocking."

This was one of the biggest problems I had with the JSA Annual. We get some artificial drama built up about Huntress and how she wants to cross the hero line and kill the Joker. We spend most of the issue on it and once we get to the big climax, instead of having her follow through with the killing or backing off and choosing to be a hero, we just have Power Girl step in, KILL the Joker and end the entire conflict and not a word said about how PG just killed the Joker. She didn't need to hold on to him for that long. She didn't need to even grab his hand, yet no one questions this random killing.

So not only did it rob the entire story of it's climax on whether or not Huntress would kill the Joker, it then goes and turns Power Girl into a murderer and then completely ignores that to move the story on to the second Power Girl showing up.


"I feel useful for a change."

Poor Firestorm, this is about the most useful I've ever seen you be.

THOR #10

"Thor, I would have words with thee!"

There's nothing really important about this moment other than it looks awesome. That is all.

"She looked at me!"

Man, Loki was especially creepy looking in this issue. I couldn't find a scan, but there's an even better looking one during the Baldur / Thor "talk" scene where they do a close up on her and the twisted smile.


"Aren't you guys dead?"

What the hell? Didn't these guys all die in Countdown? Could have sworn these were the guys that formed the Crime Society and died on Earth-51 when it was destroyed during the Monarch / Superboy Prime fight.

"He stole Joker's laugh..."

I don't even want to know what nonsense this is or why anyone would want to steal the Joker's "laugh" or how it could possibly be used for any kind of nefarious plan. Trinity is jumping the shark on this one.


"That's right, bitches!"

Even blind, Hawkeye manages to open a can on these "Ghost Riders". Anyone else getting the feeling Wolverine is the package Hawkeye has to deliver? Seems odd how determined he was to make sure they didn't open the trunk, making me think there's nothing actually in there.


Here's Spider-Man's granddaughter / Hawkeye's daughter from the alternate future in Old Man Logan. Looks like a fairly standard female-ization of the costume. Would have liked an ode to Spider-Girl's version, personally.

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Andrenn said...

With a cliffhanger like that, I may have to check out the next issue of Catwoman. I love it when Batman and Catwoman interact and it's not just for some team up or random meeting.

Hammerhead has always been awesome, but now he's badass as well.

Stole Joker's laugh? Well now, this sounds like a job for the Silver Age!

Spider-Bitch is hopefully going to be cool. I like the costume, even though it's not too special. While I'm excited about this character, I wouldn't be too shocked if she's dead by the end of part 3.

Ethereal said...

The pictures from Wolverine are awesome. I loled at the Hawkeye one and the Spider-bitch one.

J Ray said...

judging from the previews for next issue of trinity (and the text on the page in question), these are the crime SYNDICATE and not the crime society.

the difference? the crime society is from the "new" multiverse (earth 3?). the crime syndicate? well they're from before the "new" multiverse. JLA Earth 2 by Morrison and Quietly is where they debuted, i think. Where are they from? The anti-matter world (a way to get around the "no multiverse" state of the pre-infinite crisis dcu)

i know, byzantine to say the least. but they didn't die on earth 51.

J Ray said...

oh, and if that wasn't confusing enough, don't get the Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa (the ones appearing in Trinity and from the anti-matter universe) confused with the Crime Syndicate of AmeriCa (the Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, ORIGINAL earth 3)

so yeah, three versions at least.

Salieri said...

It helps to think of the syndicate as living in the world of the Sinestro rings.

Hoylus said...

Whoever bound the US vs Cap document is gonna get fired. It's backwards, isn't it?

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