Friday, August 8, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/06/08

The Comic Book Moments of the Week were relatively light this week, despite some great comics coming out. In fact, despite my misgivings with Final Crisis #3, it actually dominates the moments with the lion's share of the images featured.

I'll let you guys get to the moments, but if you can think of anything major I missed, let me know in the comments because these were the best moments I could find online.


"Batman RIP"

While this is a fake Batman that Hush is "practicing" on, it was still a cool 'death of Batman' moment.

"Son of a --!"

There's something about Zatanna running a three card monte scam in street clothes that's just awesome. Love how Catwoman manages to beat her scam.

"Call me Dr Crane."

Liked this little addition of pre-Scarecrow Dr Crane as Hush's psychiatrist as a child.


After seeing Hush speaking to a mysterious 'mentor', we cut to this scene of the Scarecrow back at Hush's hospital. Is Scarecrow running the show or is he just another pawn of Hush's?


"The Anti-Shrinking Equation"

Let's ignore the random gay bashing / homophobic comments from the Human Flame and pay attention to the height of Libra and Human Flame.

In the first scene, Flame is about as tall as the top shelf of the locker. Then, we see Libra reaching up to grab Flame's head and jam the helmet on. Finally, in the last panel, Libra is towering over the Human Flame and Flame looks like a little kid. Does the Anti-Life Equation shrink people or what?

"Article X = The Lightning Saga?"

This is the result of the non-government based 'super-hero draft' that is the equivalent of the Lightning Saga and I fail to see the reason to bring up this Article X nonsense. Also, this is one of the worst group shots I've ever seen. So many faces lacking any details whatsoever and this is like a poor man's Avengers: The Initiative cover.

"Gravitons? How did that slip by the censors?"

Why is graviton a "disgusting" word worthy of being fired over?

"Bloody Mary"

This is what Morrison and Jones have done to poor, innocent Mary Marvel. Considering this is before the whole Anti-Life Equation took over and she was with Darkseid at the end of Countdown, it's hard to even blame her behaviour on that. Once you start beheading cute dalmation horse dog things and dismembering people, there's no turning back or redemption for you after that.

"Ich bin Super Nazi Girl"

If I recall, this is the same Supergirl that was drawn by the banished Monitor in issue one, which brings up the question of whether or not Morrison has the audacity to introduce an alternate Earth Dr Manhattan or not.

Oh, and for those wondering what Nazigirl says, it's basically,"I'm Supergirl." and, "Heaven is bleeding, Hell has won." or some variation of everything we've already heard said by people like Orion, etc.

"Superskank costume was getting old anyways."

Despite having the underage jailbait suggestive pose cover all to herself, this was the only scene with Supergirl actually in it and it looks like she's been busy with some new costume designs (finally). The one clipped on the painting (what the heck is that painting of, anyways?) looks much better and hopefully they introduce it in future issues.

"Superheroes. Kill."

Is Wonder Woman riding a giant, evil Krypto or is that just my imagination? Also, why does Catwoman look relatively normal compared to everyone else? She doesn't even have an evil mask or glowing red eyes. The tall girl is probably Gigantia but does anyone know who the other girl is? Looks aquatic-like - maybe an Aquaman related character?


"Magic hammers don't work that way!"

When is Sentry going to come along and throw Red Hulk into the Sun? I think I'd do a little jig if I heard that happened. How does Loeb get carte blanche to write crap like this every month?

And how does McGuinness get away with never drawing a single background in this series? He's like a child drawing a picture and just splashes a line across the page for the horizon and calls it a day.

"Okay, that's an awesome visual."

Seriously, not even the amount of hate I have for Loeb's "story" can knock how cool a visual that image is. It makes no sense and is the most retarded thing I've ever seen, but it is an awesome pin-up image.


"Reed? What the hell happened to you?"

Tell me that is not the freakiest looking Reed Richards you have ever seen. He's supposed to be like late 30's / middle aged with the greying temple hair, but this looks like Larroca took some image of a teenager, traced the edges with some hard lines, coloured the temples grey and then airbrushed and blurred all the skin tone and detail away leaving us with some freakish looking version of Reed.

"1982 called, Magnum, it wants to know where youo parked the Ferarri."

Okay, while I don't think Maria Hill has been portrayed as this type of character before, that was an epic putdown on Tony's mustache.

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Andrenn said...

Mary Marvel scares me now...

Hulk #5 was a stupid, but fun read I felt. Was hoping Thor would kick more ass, but oh well, he'll do plenty of that in SI.

Detective Comics kicked ass. I was surprised you didn't put in the discussion about Bruce into the moments.

Eric said...

I believe the fourth Fury from the last page of FC is Batwoman, but that's just a guess.

But yeah, this week was light on awesome moments for some reason.

Blake said...

In the Detective 846, Hush received a letter from his 'mentor' which was simply signed 'C', after the scene with Scarecrow as his psychiatrist, and then the scene at the end makes me think that Scarecrow and Hush are working together, but the first Hush story was all about how he was using the villains to hurt Batman... so maybe he is running a scam on Crane.

and yeah... it was a pretty bad comics week... Criminal, House of Mystery, and Detective were the only really good reads from the week...

Mike Miller said...

Yeah that's Batwoman, Evil S+M Bondage Batwoman, but that's her.

Red Hulk beating Thor so very dumb.

And yes, Matt Fraction makes me actually like the Maria Hill character.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we will see HOW evil won in FC, right now they are showing us evil HAS won..the fast food joint scene was supposed to be humorous but since you are finding ways to hate it you let that pass you..I think you are just rushing to conclusions and just letting your marvel fanboy rage out on it before you see the larger picture

Kirk Warren said...

@eric & Mike - Hmm, the flared hair does seem like Batwoman now that you mention it.

@anonymous - I don't think I said anything overly bad or untrue about Final Crisis in this particular post, but it's hard to claim I'm a Marvel fanboy when I've praised just about every single DC book this week, including Nightwing, Robin and Detective Comics (forgot to do Manhunter review, but it was excellent as always, too).

The only DC comic I was negative about was Final Crisis and you can read my previous reviews and youll notice my decline in interest, from Must Read to Avoid It, starting with issue 1.

Feel free to browse my back issue bins and you'll notice I'm much harsher on most Marvel comics, in general, than DC's. I constantly praise Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Black Adam and numerous other DC titles.

For a recent high profile Marvel comic I criticized similar to Final Crisis #3, check out my Uncanny X-Men #500 review and the associated MotW.

Deicide said...

If there is something Kirk is not, is a Marvel fanboy. I think he is a lot harsher on the Marvel books than DC's.

Tiago José "Deicide" Galvão Moreira

Salieri said...

Believe it or not, the shortness thing is most likely to be deliberate.

Morrison didn't include a guy named "The Human Flame" because he loves Silver Age characters, nor because the guy had a thing against Martian Manhunter. The primary purpose is his name. Taken figuratively, the phrase "The Human Flame" would conjure up an ideal, iconic figure representing all that was good and triumphant among humanity.

But, as Grant is showing us, the spirit of today's "Human Flame" is Nonentity Mike. Just as Mike is a fat, stupid, homophobic loser who shoots flame from metal nipples and spends his time taking photographs with a cellphone, so has the actual Flame of humankind - our natural intelligent, inquisitive spirit - become bloated, unintelligent, bigoted and concerned with looking good and worshipping technology.

And this scene is the actual crowning moment - the part where poor Mike represents the entirety of Humanity, who have become so immersed in their own self-delusions that people like Libra and the Evil Gods are able to literally sneak around behind them and turn them into slaves. To this end, as Mike is 'snuffed out' by Libra, in a move vaguely similar to Ebeneezer Scrooge attempting to snuff out the Ghost of Christmas Past, he becomes visibly shorter - representing his inevitable submission to the predator that is Libra and Anti-Life.

Libra's immediate comments to Luthor on renouncing science also establishes the theme of science vs. religion - most especially as Mike, the Human Flame, is now completely and irrevocably immersed in that same blind faith.

It may seem silly, and hard to get - but the best of all art forms are the ones where the audience have to work it out for themselves, rather than having every detail on a silver platter with a neon sign above.

Randallw said...

Not that I necesarily disagree or anything, and your idea sort of makes sense, but then alot of things do, but I'd be careful applying symbolism that may not actually exist.

Does the fact that Bloody Mary defeats Wonder Woman show the inevitable defeat of empowered feminism by female hedonism?

Salieri said...

Good one. I myself was seeing it as a parody of the 1990s-200s trend of 'developing' a character by making them incredibly 'dark' and, in women's case, over-sexed - Morrison's been against that whole 'violence is realistic, happiness is not' thing since Animal Man.

Randallw said...

I suggest a new section where we look at select comics pages and make up stuff off the top of our head :)

patrick said...

i don't know about anyone else, but i think Morrison was just going with a female fury look for mary marvel...not by turning her white costume black..i personally think it works better than what they did in Countdown

kelson said...

Morrison has been talking about symbolically "snuffing out the Human Flame" since the first interviews about Final Crisis that actually included any information.

Randallw said...

Oh I see, well then let me just say
"Talk about subtle"

biagomgom said...

did you notice that a superman character always dies in a crisis there was supergirl, kal-L, superboy, and german supergirl!!!

Kirk Warren said...

@biagomom - Did the German Supergirl die or did she just "fall" to our Earth and is only hurt? I was thinking the people the exiled Monitor was drawing images of in issue one, which included this German SG, would make up some form of team that the Monitor would use to fight back against Darkseid.

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