Friday, August 15, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/13/08

Comic Book Moments of the Week...activate!


"It's probably a pacemaker."

I think this moment speaks for itself.

"Have you seen my neck, Kryptonian?"

I was a little disappointed by Brainiac's muscle bound look after all the promos, cameos and cover images, but I'm still loving this crossover.


"Kravin gets more women post-mortum than I do in real life."

I really liked the layout of this page, but just how many freaking ex-wives and long lost children does Kravin have?


"No More Skrulls."

Man, how I do wish Secret Invasion would end just like the Skrull threat in England did.


"Galactus - Secured."

Still no answers forthcoming, but damn if a trussed up Galactus isn't awesome.


"Death #1"

In the first of several deaths, Dr Light bites the big one care of the Spectre. Light had it coming, but I didn't like how casual it was dished out and forgotten (maybe they'll touch on it in future issues?).

"Death #2"

Continuing with the pointless shock value killings was this death of Effigy, a Green Lantern villain.


"Abin Sur?"

Anyone recognize the dead Green Lantern Kyle Rayner drew? Looks like Abin Sur, but it's too hard for me to tell fromt his image. Also curious as to why he drew such an image.

"I see what you did there."

Anyone recognize the mystery villain? He's the one that murdered all of the random Green Lantern family members and rained their eyeballs (seen in that big asspile they GL's have collected) down on top of Oa.


"Best. Origin. Recap. EVAR."

It doesn't get any easier or better than this quick and charming origin recap.

"MODOK is not a table!"

Man, MODOK must pick up so many women with his new pimpin' chair.


"I live again!"

If you don't love Beta Ray Bill, you haven't read enough Beta Ray Bill. Simple as that.


"Princess Powerful powers...activate!!!"

Watching Molly launch a Skrull into orbit is the best thing to come out of Secret Invasion and easily the best moment of the week.


"'s me. It's Lori."

This issue was based around the premise that the phones were still working and someone, who was calling numbers randomly trying to find people, managed to get a hold of Rick and Rick spent most of the issue trying to convince the people on the phone to let his son and him come stay with them.

By the end of the issue, we find out just how far Rick has fallen when we get to this moment and see he's talking to his dead wife and the phone never worked in the first place.

"Pretty big cell phone you got there, Rick."

As if talking to himself and hallucinating his dead wife is talking to him wasn't bad enough, Rick actually went back and got the phone to talk with him on the road, most likely so he could "speak" with his wife.

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Andrenn said...

I don't think Braniac looks all that bad, though his cover-self does look cooler.

Why no other Runaways/YA moments? there where some great ones, like "what's that in your mouth, Lace?" "rrr?" "Good girl."

Kirk Warren said...

Typically, it comes down to whether or not I can find the image online. if it's not being posted on scans daily or some random image board, I usually give up and just leave it out of the moments.

Salieri said...

If ever I write for Marvel, I think I'll slip in a little Easter Egg during one scene at random: a small red leather volume entitled "The Big Book Of Kraven The Hunter's Sexual Conquests: An Honest Autobiography".

kwaku said...

I think the Spectre is killing the people responsible for Martian Manhunter's death. Dr. Light and Effigy didn't strike the killing blow but they helped.

I'm also down on Brainiac's look. I like that he looks like he can physically challenge Superman but his "bio-suit" looks bad.

The Dangster said...

i think superman has enough physically challenging villains. I just hope johns makes sure to make him a better mental threat. Brainiac is supposed to be alien lex luthor in a sense

Randle Cassady said...

Hey Kirk What are some of the sites you look at to find scans?

Anonymous said...

watching braniac hulk up right in front of supermans eyes was an awesome panel..supermans reaction was great...i like how brainiac is both mentally AND physically challenging...

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