Saturday, August 23, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/20/08

Apologies for the delay in the Comic Book Moments of the Week. My grandmother passed away yesterday and we've been dealing with the family stuff ever since. I won't harp on it too much, so try not to let the unfortunate circumstances behind this delay distract you from the momenty goodness, which can be found after the jump.



Looks like a classic cliffhanger swerve. I'd be 'amazed' if they followed up on this like fans are meant to believe.


"Call me, Captain Euro!"

I loved the irony of Captain America demanding to be paid in Euros.

"Faustus. Dr Faustus."

He looks so different without the beard! I'm surprised he didn't go all the way and ditch the stash, too.

"I'm Captain America!"

Yes, Bucky, you are Captain America.


"You don't redeem people that have wiped out entire universe. Unless it's Hal of course."

Pretty naive viewpoint on Superman's part here. I don't think it's possible to redeem someone that's killed as many as casually as Prime has. If we count Countdown, he even wiped out an entire universe and killed everyone on another Earth and that's only the things we were shown.

If it were me, I'd just toss him in the Negative Zone. Calling in all these Legions will just end up like Sinestro Corps War where he took on the entire world's worth of super-heroes and still kicked everyone's asses.

"Prime's worldwide penmanship is impeccable."

Probably the best part of this issue in my opinion. Did he map this out on graph paper first? To have it so perfectly drawn onto the face of the planet without some planning must have taken some effort.


"At first I thought Athena was sitting on a toilet..."

So, ya, Mikaboshi has stepped in as the Skrull deity after their deaths. I'm not sure where they're going with this, to be honest.

ROBIN #177

"Red Robin isn't Jason Todd."

Nothing really big about this scene except I wanted to show everyone that Red Robin isn't Jason Todd. Rumour is Azrael / Jean Paul Valley is under the cowl, but I'm not sure how anyone even knows about this Red Robin costume outside of Todd.

"It's complicated."

It better damn well be Spoiler! You can't just go and put a hit on Robin for sleeping around on you only a few months after faking your death or for not even trying to clone you like he did with his 'boy friend', Superboy, or for giving you the run around since your return. Okay, maybe you do have a case for putting a hit on him, but I hope there's a reason for it.


"I'm the goshdarn Batman!"

It's Frank Miller through a Disney filter! This book is worth it just to see Batman punt (the sound effect even says it!) mini Batman.

"Two shoves and nothing was ever the same again."

Words fail me. Best alternate origin for Batman and Superman ever.

"If you need me I'll be in the library. Weeping."

Poor Big Alfred can't handle the intensity of Mini-Batman and friends. They are pretty freaky looking, though, so I'll cut him some slack.


Scariest Joker ever. And does Two Face have pie or ice cream on his face for his 'scar'?


"Traced the wrong foot."

Why does Pixie have two left feet? Oh ya, Greg Land.

"Why did they drive in the first place?"

Ignoring the harping about hybrids (they do realize the electricity that this 300+ hp monstrosity is running on comes from the burning of fossil fuels and isn't exactly running on water, right?), how do they explain Angel just taking off like this? Did they stop in the middle of the bridge? Angel was the one driving the car, after all. And as far as traffic jam / morning commutes go, looks like they ran out of cars to trace because that bridge looks pretty damn empty to me.

"Red Queen"

Jean Grey? Madelyne Prior? Someone new? I'm curious to how she's standing up in this image though. Do women normally stand in that way when they're about to whip someone while wearing their gimp masks?


"Ruby, ruby, rooooo!"

This is Ruby Summers, Cyclops' (maybe Emma's too) daughter from the Summers Rebellion. I'm not sure on the specifics, but she transforms into this ruby coloured version, much like Emma's diamond form, and she says something along the lines of her aging 70 years in a matter of seconds if she switched back to her normal form, explaining why she's still alive this far in the future.

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Black Ice said...

I'm sorry about your loss.

Dr. Faustus kinda looks like Theodore Roosevelt. Speak softly and brain wash people into hitting themselves with sticks.

Andrenn said...

Sorry for your loss, Kirk, and don't mind the delay. It's fine.

I just want to say this about that first moment...if I saw Venom in my living room, I'd bolt for the door. I don't know who thought "lets bring the big guy who eats people, that should be fun"

I wouldn't be too surprised if it's either not the real Spoiler, or if this is (and this will sound weird) to teach Tim some kind of lesson.

I need to pick up Superman/Batman #51, that just looks...insanely hilarious, love Mini-Bats, he needs his own comic book.

The Red Queen makes me chuckle

Ethereal said...

Uncanny X-Men was apparently the most terrible thing Brubaker and Fraction have ever done, according to Revolution. I'm so happy I'm not reading it. That picture, along with the entire comic, seems to be something Brubaker and Fraction wrote to Penthouse, it's actually hilariously bad.

Big "lol" at Superman/Batman. More mini-obnoxious batmen please.

Legion of three Worlds had some awesome moments. The shot of him entering the stadium, is great. That entire comic had great pages.

IslandLiberal said...

Aw, I was planning to make a joke about how you were falling behind on the job; now I retroactively feel wrong. My sympathies for your loss (my grandmothers both died about a decade ago).

Blake said...

My thoughts go out to you and your family Kirk.

I dropped superman/batman about a year back, because i just couldn't bring myself to pay for a back that only marginally crosses over with the rest of the DCU, but the 'minis' look a lot like a DCU version of the X-Babies that the X-Men had to face a few times back in the 90s.

CaptainLameo said...

Sorry for your loss, Kirk, I know how it feels from personal experience. Best wishes to you and your family.

Ampersand said...

Sorry for your loss, Kirk.

As for the moment of the week, i'm not sure if you are reading Ghost Rider (written by Jason Aaron), but the last issue had this moment that just made me laugh.

Randallw said...

Red Queen make's ya wonder which magazine Land copied from this time.

When I first saw Batman punt Batbaby I thought it was a bit harsh even for him. Also how does Batbaby expect to get rid of bullying by being Batman of all people.

No need to apologise for family stuff. I appreciate the moments no matter when you have the time to show them.

Salieri said...

Sorry to hear about that, Kirk. My condolences.

I guess Faustus changing kind of makes sense - like Marlowe's play, where the good Doctor keeps trying to switch alliances.

And Red nose? Dislocated arm? Broken wrist? freakishly large funbags, freakishly long arm, fingers with all the shape of a discarded glove...pose as if sitting down, though standing up...

Also? Now we know where Hawley Griffin went after LoEG...he's been stalking pretty young girls drawn by Greg Land. Oh, he is ALL OVER that Pixie shot. As if those wings could support a human body.

Salieri said...

About that cliffhanger: there's a Theory going around that the Mephisto-mental block affecting everyone's memory of the CW reveal or the marriage extends into present continuity so that no-one can even entertain the notion of Parker = Spidey, even were he to walk around the streets with his costume sans mask.

Strong evidence occurs in that Kraven jr. arc: "He's Coming Out Of The Apartment Of Parker, Who Took All His Pictures...*Gasp*...He Must Be Parker's Room-Mate!"

Think "Shallow Hal", applied to everyone except Parker.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked what Superman said about Prime at the end of the issue, it was true to his character, after all Prime has done, Superman still thinks he can be saved and reasoned with

The Phoenix King said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, Kirk, my sympathies. Don't feel rushed or hassled on our account. You have a great blog here, and we're willing to give you some time away if you need it.

Anyways, onto the moments. A good selection this week, particularly with Incredible Herc. Lots of very interesting twists with Mikaboshi and Athena. I wonder what she's up to?

andrewsaltz said...

My sympathies, Kirk. Take all the time you need.

I was thinking about your review of LO3W, and it dawned on me how DC's comics vary so much in "fan-friendliness". Legion's clunky exposition was irritating; I can't seem to "get" Final Crisis without a PhD in DC-ology.

Oh well. Great site.

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