Friday, August 29, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/27/08

Wow, there were so many great moments from this week's comics. In fact, there were so many, I decided to change up the format a little and dropped the quotes from the start of each moment's description to save myself some time. Hit the jump and let me know what I missed or what you thought of all the great moments from this week in comics!


Uh, Peter knows about his deal with Mephisto? Does he know he used to be married to a super model, too? I thought no one, not even Peter, remembered this?

It's like they have to put a 4th wall breaking jab in every other issue. It's both funny and annoying at the same time.

We've all seen this before in the promos, but just thought I'd post it again now that the issue is out.


I don't know why, but the living in a bunker part made me laugh out loud, especially given the fact the Baron is an ex-Nazi and they, well, hid in bunkers post-WWII.

Mmmm, Skrull - the other, other white meat. If Skrulls can shapeshift into anything, does that mean they taste like everything or are they just the "mystery meat" from the lunch room cafeteria?


Damn, thems fightin' words Black Panther. After this trash talking of Bullseye, Aaron needs to write a BP vs Bullseye.


Paco's family is awesome. I just want to know why Paco let's his sister dress his brother up like a girl and run around shouting, "I'm a princess!".

Oh, wow, that's the best mom ever. While not shown here, Soledad, Paco's sister, has a huge crush on Jaime, off-panel, making this scene even better.

I did it...WITH SCIENCE!


Dakota was shot and is in the hospital. Matt checks up on her and she reveals she's alright with this moment.


You're the Weather Wizard - you're not supposed to be this awesome!

Stop it! Are you trying to take Black Adam's place in my heart as bestest villain ever?

That's cold, man.


This is a personal question, but isn't Hawkman invulnverable or anything? He fought Black Adam (well, got his asskicked anyways), but a normal human manages to cut him with a machete? What the hell are his powers anyways? I didn't think he was this "weak".

This is what Gog did to some warmongers in Africa and it reminded me of the first JLA issue from the Silver Age (or was it Golden? I forget) where the team was all turned into trees. Coincidence or does it tie into who or what Gog is?

Apparently this was spoiled in the solicits for November (or there abouts), but Gog turned the marine guy no one cares about and who just joined the team into the new Magog after he was shot with a rocket by the random insurgents. But why is he naked now?


Man, the casual nature in which Hit-Girl just kick-pulls her swords out of the girl and how she killed everyone in the room was nuts. And she's even smiling afterwards! I don't think pepper spray is going to help much if she wanted you dead Kick-Ass...

I just loved this "classic" rooftop jumping splashpage and thought I'd share it with you.

NOVA #16

Is Kl'rt going to betray Nova or is this just a ruse to help save him from the other Skrulls?


Xavin transforming into Kevin Smith / Silent Bob is priceless.

Princess Powerful in the house!

Best description of what a television is ever.


I think I mentioned this in previous months, but what the hell is up with this Zatanna fixation of Lois? Did Clark have an affair I didn't hear about or something? I thought she was busy trying to shack up with Batman in Dini's book? And since when do super model ace reporters who are married to freaking Superman start worrying about zits and being fat?

Not a fan of Krypto, but I'm probably one of the few that isn't. Even so, this scene almost makes me want to pick up this title again.


This was better when it was called 52 and Wonderdog was Sobek.

Anyone recognize the badguy? I feel like I should know him, but can't figure it out.


Xavier with Wolverine's claws and healing factor? Now that's freaking overpowered. I think it's equally as shocking to know that Magneto and Xavier are the ones that developed the original Banshee drug.

Ouch. It's no Hulk vs Wolverine though...

Speaking of which, this has to be the best 4th wall breaking joke ever.


Why does old, blind Hawkeye kick more ass than his younger self?

Spider-Bitch wasn't there to save people - she was there to kill Kingpin and take over his territory.

That is one sick drawing of Wolverine by McNiven. How long did it take him to draw that? The detail is amazing.


These are two pages from separate parts of the book, but the second one follows up directly on what happens in the first, so I just spliced them together. I hope the X-Men have a good therapist for Rahen...

I love how Wolverine acknowledges the 'oh shit!' factor of all their old villains being "alive" again.

Who's next? Well, it looks like:

Bastion, Graydon Creed, Bolivar Trask, Leper Queen, Donald Pierce, Cameron Hodge, Stephen Lang, Risman (the X'd out guy) and William Stryker.

Basically all the guys that were revived in the previous issues.

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Parallax207 said...

What about DC Universe Last Will and Testament where Geo-Force cuts his own throat to get the drop on Deathstroke... it was awesome and the final moment with good ol' brash Hal Jordan itching for the fight thats to come...

Andrenn (still at the coast) said...

Maybe Pete just caught on to nobody remembering who Spider-man is?

Anti-Venom goodness, can't wait for #570

Paco's Mom is great! Talk about nice.

Still waiting for the collection of Kick-Ass.

I thought that was Kevin Smith, but I wasn't sure.

Wolverine #58...must pick it up soon...looks so amazing! But wait, does this make her a villain now? Too bad.

I like that the quotes are gone, it is a little easier, but some of your quotes where hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I've been reading your site. KEEP IT UP!

Salieri said...

I'm wondering if Slott hates the new status qou just as much as JMS hated bringing it about, and he makes these jokes to show us that.

Randallw said...

So 3D-Man has these sunglasses that can show you what a bunch of aliens disguised as ordinary people look like? Wow that is the most original thing I've ever seen. Talk about the house of ideas.

As for Hawkman, I was reading Identity Crisis just this evening and Deathstroke cut him while cutting off his harness so I don't suppose he's invulnerable. That is unless Deathstroke's sword is magical.

The Dangster said...

I think Hawkman isn't invulnerable, but in Black Age, Black Adam didnt cut him.

anyone hate the shameless plug for 1985 in kick-ass?

man, i do not like 4th wall joke in x-men. Hulk vs wolverine was beyond aggravating for fans.

scottyquick said...

Did Colossus mourn for Northstar at all in #97?

Rich said...

So 3D-Man has these sunglasses that can show you what a bunch of aliens disguised as ordinary people look like? Wow that is the most original thing I've ever seen. Talk about the house of ideas.

Randallw, the same was true of the original 3-D Man back in the late '70s (see Marvel Premiere #35). Predates John Carpenter's 'They Live' (which you're apparently being snarky about) by a decade. It's his gear that the current 3-D Man is wearing.

Randallw said...

Ok then. I wasn't really being snarky, Sorry to look that way. I just thought it funny but my sense of humour can be a bit off.

Andrenn said...

You forgot the best moment of the week, Kirk.


and in case that IMG thing didn't work...

Salieri said...

Also? We can easily explain the JSA moment: looks like Hawkman f*cked with the wrong mexican.


Eric said...

I'm pretty sure in Teen Titans the bad guy with "Wonder" Dog is Ares. It's sort of been alluded to in new solicitations and who else would want to confront Wonder Girl. Also, in a new interview on Newsarama McKeever sort of confirms it.

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