Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fantastic Four #559 Review

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Bryan Hitch

Much like Ultimate Spider-Man, Millar's Fantastic Four is consistently good, but doesn't have that spark or excitement to push it above the current event du jour or flavour of the month books.

This month's issue continues the trend with another solid issue that won't send people running to make posts or sing praises, but should leave every reader happy and satisfied with their purchase.

What I really liked about this issue was the treatment of Human Torch. While he's regressed a little to the more traditional playboy, carefree attitude of his earlier years, Millar still handles the character extremely well and I loved how competent he was made to look compared to the relatively new Defenders team as it's like he's just playing with them as they attempt to capture him by surprise. I was a little confused how Johnny survived that car accident or the trip through the building though...

While we didn't get any info on Doc Banner / smart-Hulk or what the Defenders are up to, there's more mystery added to the capture of Dr Doom with their capturing of Johnny and the revelation that they have Galactus (!), too. Is it the real Galactus, is this Doc Banner from Marvel 1985 and that Galactus is from those Secret Wars era? I don't know, but it all seems to be connected to that Nu-Earth from the last arc and the recent revelation from Reed's old girlfriend, "Mrs Fantastic", that this Nu-Earth isn't for a mass exodus, but for a select few of the world's leaders and the rich.

Verdict - Must Read. It's easy to just write Fantastic Four off as that book you buy and enjoy every month, but take for granted, similar to how we view the always entertaining Ultimate Spider-Man. I'm tempted to give this a Check It, but I can't imagine dropping this in favour of any of the other Must Read's this week, so I can't see how it would be justified in putting a Check It here.

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