Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Final Crisis: Revelations #1 Review

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Philip Tan, Jeff De Los Santos and Jonathan Glapion

Final Crisis: Revelations is an interesting tie-in. I'm not sure what it has to do with Final Crisis other than the Spectre failing to kill or enact vengence on Libra or why he's trying to kill the Question now, but I did enjoy this issue and want to find out more.

Sadly, the part I disliked the most in this issue was the killing of Dr Rapey McRape Rape. Sorry, I mean the killing of Dr Light. I just dislike the over the topness writers take with his absolute love of rape. Rapists don't act like this and it's like the writers feel they have to justify every evil thing he does by having him spout how much he loves rape while doing it.

Other than that, I'm kind of surprised they killed Dr Light off in the span of a page or two with little to no real reasoning or fanfare, especially after building him up as a credible villain who has appeared in every major event since Identity Crisis, even if he's a bit too reliant on the rape aspect for motivation.

Once Spectre kills Dr Light, he attempts to kill Libra, who, I assume, steals some of his power or is protected by Darkseid or something and is rendered immune to God's vengence. This doesn't stop Spectre from killing a bunch of random loser villains I've never even heard of that were soliciting Libra for help with the Teen Titans, but Libra was left unharmed.

Apparently, this inability to kill a real villain, one whom the Spectre claims has committed genocide (does killing one Martian count as genocide or is he referring to something in Libra's past?), drives the Spectre a little nuts and he decides he has to kill Renee Montoya, aka the Question.

The Question was shown with some Batman-level skills as she systematically takes down some thugs, who I assume are part of the whole Crime Bible deal (didn't keep up with her recent series of one shots) and is then confronted by the Spectre claiming she must die. Not sure how Spectre goes from failing to kill Libra to wanting to kill the Question, but we'll see if Rucka can justify it next month.

Verdict - Check It. One thing that has me a little cautious at recommending this issue is the fact it's $3.99 an issue and supposedly five issues long. That's a hefty price tag for a relatively light, storywise, issue and I'm unsure if it's worth paying $20+ for five issues of something that will probably be a $5 trade on Amazon in a few months, but I suppose that could be said for just about any story.

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