Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Immortal Iron Fist #18 Review

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Travel Foreman


+ I like the idea behind every Iron Fist dying at the age of 33.
+ Heroes 4 Hire - I like how they continue to acknowledge the old H4H team and use them as supporting characaters in this book.


- I said I liked the idea behind dying at age 33. The actual execution - an alien-like super fighting monster guy - is not the kind of pulp-y, kung-fu action that I was expecting.
- The Misty Knight relationship, even with the past history between them, feels forced. The only lines they speak to each other are to remind us they are boyfriend and girlfriend all of a sudden.
- The flashback sequence lacks the same impact that the Brubaker and Fraction versions had. These feel forced in comparison and only served to show off more of the villain, who I dislike enough as it is.
- Really dislike how they make Orson Randall's heroin use into his way of hiding from the villain and cheating death. It cheapens the story of Orson's fall from grace of the impact it had and doesn't sync up with Orson's portrayal in the slightest.

Verdict - Check It. I'm at the tipping point as to whether I will be sticking with this series or not. It appears Swierczynski's only positives come from previously established plot points, all set up by the previous creative teams, and all the new plots are falling flat on their faces. I'll give it another issue or two before deciding if it's worth sticking with this, but the title looks to be flatlining fast.

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