Friday, August 22, 2008

Incredible Hercules #120 Review

Written by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Art by Rafa Sandoval

Goddamn it, Marvel, why wasn't this a part of the main Secret Invasion storyline? Let's ignore the fact it's a hundred times better than the Bendis written event and focus on the fact that Hercules kills the freaking Skrull's god, Kly'bn. You know, the "He" from the "He loves you." the Skrulls have been quoting since they got to Earth. Yeah, that Skrull god. Dead. You'd think that might be noteworthy or worth at least a single panel's mention in the main event, but I'm sure Bendis will ignore it and have some other god or meaning revealed for the whole, "he loves you", nonsense.

Let's ignore the whole Secret Invasion snub this excellent storyline has gotten for a minute. This issue wraps up the whole God Squad storyline with Hercules doing what he does best - kicking ass and taking names.

After a quick origin for Kly'bn (he's an Eternal Skrull, much like Ajak is an Eternal from Earth) and he convinced the Deviant Skrulls (real Skrulls can't shapeshift, Deviant Skrulls killed them all off) to embrace him as their God, which seems to have worked out for him. The hideous freakshow partner seen with him is his wife, who has decided to embrace change and honour Kly'bn by constantly changing shape as an opposite to Kly'bn's single form, which will 'remind' the shapeshifting race what they really look like (aka bullshit baffles brains and Kly'bn pulled a fast one on the Skrulls to become a God).

Don't get me wrong, this was all very interesting and worth knowing and reading, but the real show began shortly after that with the showdown between the God Squad and the Skrull gods, which ended with Hercules killing Kly'bn, Ajak having his head blown off, Mikaboshi "dying" and Atum getting a life threatening case of indigestion after trying to eat Sl'gur't, Kly'bn's wife. Oh, and Snowbird was revealed to be alive.

As for Mikaboshi's "death", apparently, he kill Sl'gur't and replaced her when the two were shapeshifting during their fight. Athena, who was watching on from Earth, seemed pleased with the development of Mikaboshi's replacement, but I'm still unsure as to what her goal was for sending the team to kill this Skrull god, especially after seeing her reaction at the end of the issue.

Verdict - Must Read. Hercules kills the Skrull's God. Not much else needs to be said. It even showed the events in Secret Invasion that came about because of this killing, namely, as soon as Kly'bn died, it was announced that Reed Richards was freed and, basically, all of their plans went to hell because of it. Good job, Herc. You saved Earth and are responsible for stopping the invasion and won't even appear in that story.

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