Friday, August 22, 2008

Marvel 1985 #4 Review

MARVEL 1985 #4
Written by Mark Millar
Art by Tommy Lee Edwards

There are a couple of problems that come up with 1985 #4 that impacted my enjoyment of the issue in comparison to the previous three.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still loving this series, but this is the 'setup' issue where the writer realizes he has to finish this story and wasted too much time on the opening issues, so he just goes through the motions, moving the story and characters into position.

Add to this the fact the whole wonder and nostolgia factor of this trip down memory lane is wearing thin after four issues and it leaves the issue lacking a real draw this month.

However, the ending to this issue, which sees young Toby stumbling into the basement of the Wyncham House and discovering how these villains came to our reality - a secret portal in the basement, was amazing. Toby enters the portal and it transports him to the Marvel Universe, complete with drastic change in artstyle to reflect this by Edwards, which was a nice touch.

Verdict - Check It. The series is still great, but the slow pacing made it necessary for an issue where we spend rush to bring in the Marvel heroes to save the day, leaving little time to focus on the setting or characters. Probably won't even be noticeable come trade time.

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