Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mighty Avengers #17 Review

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Khoi Pham

Okay, I'm confused now. The preview cover says Mighty Avengers #17, it was on Marvel as the cover for this issue and a few other blogs and sites used this cover, but the one I ended up with was some hideous Hank Pym cover with a bunch of Skrulls pulling him away as a giant speech bubble takes up half the image. I want my Ares cover, damnit.

Sadly, the pain of this issue doesn't end with the change of covers. This issue is basically one big F-U to Hank Pym and any fans of the character. There should be a rule that if the creator hates a character, they shouldn't be allowed to write whatever the hell they want about them. Bendis did it with Tygra and he does it again here with Pym.

Basically, Bendis believes Hank Pym is so f--ked up that Skrulls can't even impersonate him without going crazy and losing their minds. Yes, this means that the Hank Pym Skrull has needed to be replaced on numerous occasions because he starts losing it, all thanks to Hank Pym being the biggest loser in the Marvel Universe, at least according to Bendis.

Bendis makes it abundantly clear that the only things he knows about Hank Pym are that he is a wife beater (one slap under dubious circumstances compared to much more henious in-character things by other heroes, yet Pym still gets this bullshit stigma piled on him) and he created Ultron.

This particular issue sees one such Hank Pym Skrull trying to get in touch with the Queen to tell her in some blatant Bendis-speak that the Skrulls can't win for various reasons, such as Thor being back and humans just being so kick-ass (my words), and Dum Dum Skrull ends up killing this Pym Skrull for being a waste of space and they bring in a new one.

Verdict - Avoid It. Unless you enjoy a pointless issue that only serves to show how much Bendis hates Hank Pym, there's no reason to pick this up.

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