Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nightwing #147 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Don Kramer and Sandu Florea

Much like this week's Detective Comics this week, Nightwing is another Batman RIP tie-in that has absolutely nothing to do with Batman RIP. While I hate the fact DC is doing this, I'm at least grateful for the fact that the "tie-ins" have all been great reads on their own.

Much like all of Tomasi's Nightwing run so far, this issue was strong on the Nightwing and other characterizations, but light on the actual plot side of things.

For instance, the story here was about some kind of Two-Face love affair from his earlier days on the force that saw Two-Face 'request' Nightwing's help in keeping the woman safe while she attempts to testify against some criminals. The reason he's asking Nightwing is because Batman is missing in action due to Batman RIP. Yes, that's the only mention of RIP in this issue.

It's a decent enough premise, but it just ends up with Nightwing beating up some goons and ends with him saving the woman, again, as she's transported away in a helicopter and a sniper starts shooting everyone except her. The issue ends with Nightwing shot in the shoulder and losing about 3 liters of blood based on the artwork, but I'm sure he's fine.

Also, I'm pretty sure the sniper and person attempting to kill the woman is Two-Face. Tomasi played around with the dual nature of the Two-Face / Harvey Dent persona and it looks like Harvey Dent contacted Nightwing in order to stop Two-Face from killing his old girlfriend. We'll have to wait and see next month if I'm right, but the plot is a bit thin and that's the only reasonable explanation I can gather at this point.

Verdict - Check It. Great job with the Nightwing / Two-Face confrontation, especialy with Dick's past experience as Robin and the revelation that Batman recruited Two-Face to take over Gotham during 52/OYL. However, weak plot / story keeps this issue, much like previous Nightwing issues, from reaching the coveted Must Read verdict.

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