Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nova #16 Review

NOVA #16
Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Wellinton Alves

This was a fairly pedestrian outing for Nova. It lacked that charm that makes this one of Marvel's best books. While never really doing anything wrong in this issue, it just pales in comparison to the recent Galactus / Silver Surfer storyline.

One thing that really confuses me is the lack of the Worldmind and the effect it has on Nova's use of the Novaforce. He never had the Worldmind prior to gaining the totality of the Novaforce and he was able to use his abilities without the need to go through several user interface menus to activate simple things, such as hand blasts or grav fields.

However, here, with how difficult Abnett & Lanning are making it for him to access his powers, I half expect Nova to have to call up a voice menu just to activate his ability to fly straight, let alone defend himself in anyway. I hope this ends up just being the Worldmind messing with Rich's head to teach him a lesson and he returns fairly soon.

As for the Secret Invasion tie-in, we get Skrulls setting a trap for Nova, since he is one of the most powerful humans alive with the Novaforce, and the Super Skrull ends up being one of them. It turns out he snuck in and took one of the Skrulls' places to find out what they were up to with the rumours of their renewed religious jihad beginning.

After the two mop up the Skrull cannonfodder (yay, more heroes (well, I guess Nova is the only hero here) killing!), Super Skrull explains the Secret Invasion in a nutshell, tells Nova of the invasion of Earth and the two go to help out. Once in Earth's orbit, they see the Skrull armada and are instantly attacked. But not before Super Skrull betrays Nova, apparently either trying to win favour with his people or the entire thing with helping Nova was a ruse to begin with. There is a third option, where he takes him into captivity to "save" him and never really betrayed him, which I see this ending up being.

Verdict - Check It. The Nova title seems to be on hold while we deal with the Secret Invasion tie-in, so no Worldmind development and no supporting cast of any kind being established, but it was good to see the Super Skrull again and the issue was still entertaining. An average Nova book is still a great book, but this isn't the best the series has to offer either.

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