Friday, August 1, 2008

OYL Day 1 Giveaway - Manhunter Vol 1: Street Justice TPB

This is it - the first One Year Later Giveaway Contest and it's one of my favourite books, Manhunter, from DC Comics. You will remember I ran a review of the first two trades back in April and have had nothing but good things to say about the book since it returned from hiatus a couple of months back.

Well, if all the praise I've heaped upon this book hasn't been enough to get you to cave and buy the trades, this contest is your chance to win your very own copy of Manhunter Vol. 1: Street Justice and find out what all the fuss is about with this title. Read on to find out how to win.

How To Win

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your:
  • name
  • email address (use username AT email DOT com if you are afraid of spammers getting your email address. ex: kirbymorph AT gmail DOT com =
  • one or two sentences on why you should you win
That's it! Simple enough, right? Be sure to check out the contest rules & regulations for information on things such as which countries are eligable, if shipping costs apply to you, etc.

Good luck to all who enter and stay tuned for more contests over the next five days!

Contest has ended! Thanks to all who entered and the winner will be announced shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Name - Dave O'Neil
Email -

I should win because I'm poor and want free stuff!

Anonymous said...

Ryan Matthews

Long time reader, but was too afraid to drop the money on Manhunter. I should win since I dont own a copy of Manhunter yet.

Zach said...

Hint- Maybe get Amazon Prime for this month- its free for a month, and you get free two-day shipping. Just make sure you go to preferences and make sure it doesnt automatically charge you for the whole year.

Name-Zach Marcus
email- zach.marcus at gmail dot com

I went to comic con and rediscovered my love for comics. I want to start a collection and I may have helped you save money from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Jim Pollaro
pollaro70 AT hotmail DOT com

I started reading this comic at the restart and love it. I want to catch up on the past!

Chris said...

Chris Bilko

I like to read good comics, and you think this comic is good. In conclusion, I want to read a good comic.

Rawnzilla said...

Ron Cacace

Comics are good. I like comics. I like your site. Thank you.

crawford said...

Name: Jacob Crawford

I have heard nothing but good things about Manhunter (from you and others)and would probably buy the rest of the trades if I was to win.

Anonymous said...

Randy Kao
randykao at

A little skeptical about splurging on Manhunter even though you have given glowing reviews. I thought I might give a shot if I won here. :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Geremy Hickman

I should win because I need more books on my pull list, and if this is good, I'll add Manhunter.

Anonymous said...

Name: Wolfgang Moebius
Email: wolfgaaang AT gmail DOT com

Help out a poor college student whose comics budget must constantly fight supervillains like rent and money for food. Winning this would be my Batman preptime so I can compete with these super-powered enemies.

chaosrefugee said...

Alex Mendoza
chaosrefugee at gmail dot com

I've always wanted to get into Manhunter and see what's the whole ruckus about; this would be the perfect way to go about it.

The Dangster said...

Sam Dang

I don't own any of the old issues of Manhunter. This series along with Beetle has kept me with DC and opened my mind for any comic book besides the big three. They handle the character very well as an individual and a legacy. The writing is sharp and unpredictable. Manhunter herself has really evolved from what I've been reading

John said...

John Farthing

I should win because I have exceptional personal hygiene and I rescued a box full of kittens once.

Mr. No said...

name Cristhian Paredes
one or two sentences on why you should you win //
I'd love to win because it's really hard to get this kind of quality work where i live and i would appreciate this like a real treasure. Also, I'm a huge fan of Marc Andreyko since i read "The Lost".


Tyler said...

Name- Tyler Kes

I should win because I have never won anything like this before. Also, because I'm doing my thesis on solar death ray design, i doubt i will ever earn any money to buy said trade. It may sound twisted to you, but it does have some non lethal applications. In theory.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Jenny T.

Mayhap others are as worthy as I am to win this prize, and I would think that our entreaties of worthiness would be for naught. However that said, 'I am a mother of two little girls 4,6 and a full time college student. Comics provide my escape and a small break in an otherwise hectic day. Please, consider blessing me with teh awesome TPB you possess.' ;)

David said...

Name: David Warren
Email: d.t.warren AT gmail DOT com

Reason: I'm a huge Green Lantern fan. I'd like to learn a bit more about this character and the possible link between her and the Manhunters. I know i could be way off, but it sounds interesting to me.

Russel David said...

Name - Russel Harder
Email - originalpulp.russ AT gmail DOT com

A fan of the pulpy street level characters, I hadn't yet given Manhunter the time of day. She's always been quite an interesting and original looking hero, so I wouldn't mind the kick start in the least.

Anonymous said...

Bill Steger

My Batman trades are lonely on my bookshelf, surrounded by Marvel and Image and Vertigo, wondering where some heroes from the DC universe are.

Ethereal said...

Name - Justin Miousse
e-mail - Justin AT gmail DOT com

Been looking to get into Manhunter since your review on the TPBs that were suggested by another. Getting back into buying comics with this would definitely go a long way.

Dreadful Rauw said...

Thomas Jenkins
thomasj42 AT gmail DOT com

I should win because although I've gotten my girlfriend to read artsier real life oriented comics, she has yet to get into superheros. A cool, smart female superhero like Manhunter might be the one to reel her in, and then maybe she'd be willing to go halfsies on the weekly pull list...

J Ray said...

Name - Josh Ray
Email -

I should win because if I don't then the forces of evil and darkness will have triumphed and the subjugation of our world will march towards our inevitable annihilation. You have the power to save the universe-don't let us down!

Seriously though, I've been reading manhunter since it started up and would love to read through the trades-this would give me an excuse to get the rest :)

Anonymous said...


If I don't win I will stomp on baby kitties. I got some and I don't like the way they're lookin at me.

jonathan said...

Name-Jonathan Sowidy (skafactor)

I should win because I have struck down injustice and slain hypocrisy all before lunch.

if you want to know of some great places to get tpbs really cheap email me. i have a few sites outside of amazon but don't want to promote a store without permission.

Mike Miller said...

Mike Miller

I'm Mike Miller, Robot Figther... 'Nuff said.

Ampersand said...

Matias Duarte
mattias_duarte at yahoo dot com

Because i am, little by little, getting into the DC universe (i'm a former Marvel Zombie), and this book sounds like a great addition to my library.

Harry said...

Harry Pauff

I like reading new comics.

Andrenn said...

Andrenn Jones

I've been wanting to get into more DC comics. While I picked up one random back issue of Manhunter and didn't much care for it, that was a random issue. If I could read it from the beginning, that would help me get more into it.

Anonymous said...

Name - Alejandro
Email -

Manhunter is one of my favorites from DC. I injoyed so much its return. And she is a lawyer like daredevil, but female and with a bolttrowing staff!

Adam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Name: Tyler Ward
Email: tylerrward AT gmail DOT com

I should win because: I've been too lazy to buy the first trade of Manhunter because I knew you'd buy it for me one day. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Darin Robinson II

Invincible, Blue Beetle, Catwoman and Manhunter, all wonderful comics that I haven't bought from my comic shop. I should win so I have a constant, physical reminder for why I can't have nice things.

Anonymous said...

thegame170 AT gmail DOT com

I should win because I'm a massive fan of Blue Beetle and would love to read another DC legacy book. Plus I love collecting series, so if you give me the first one, I'm probably going to buy all the other trades.

Anonymous said...

John Ringo
endrunringo AT gmail DOT com

I'm a GVer, you're a GVer, at the very least my name should be in a hat with all the others, right?

Anonymous said...

Okman Zeng
unvrknew AT gmail DOT com

Because, there's nothing more satisfying then getting something new and free in the mail.

jeff said...

Jeff Garretson

I've always heard that Manhunter is excellent, but I'm too OCD to just start picking it up with random issues, and I'm WAY behind on trades I'd like to have. Also, I've been reading your site for most of the past year, and I love it.

raisia said...

Name: Raish Rojas

I should win because I'm a poor kid from the Philippines who can't afford to buy comics every week. And I've been hearing good things about Manhunter and I want to check it out. I also go to this site every day.

Thunderbeard! said...

Eric Brown

I should win this book because if I don't, I'll subject myself to watching the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and Catwoman movies nonstop for 72 hours. Don't put that kind of torture on your conscience.

Anonymous said...

Mike Panetta

mikedlp AT gmail DOT com

I've always wanted to read Manhunter and I'm looking for new books to add to my pull list.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Trevelise
ajt5031 AT gmail DOT com

I should win because I just started reading comics recently and am still picking books that I'll read every month. Getting the first trade of Manhunter could cement its place on my list if everything I have heard about it is true.

Ilan The Portlander Rebbe said...

Ilan Goodman

My wife just had another baby, to go along with our first daughter, who just hit the terrible twos. I have no seen a bed in serval weeks and am desperate to read something that does not involve busy insects. Also, I will read it to my daughters in the hopes that they too will gorw up to be dark avengers of justice.

Ilan The Portlander Rebbe said...

Ilan Goodman

My wife just had another baby, to go along with our first daughter, who just hit the terrible twos. I have no seen a bed in serval weeks and am desperate to read something that does not involve busy insects. Also, I will read it to my daughters in the hopes that they too will gorw up to be dark avengers of justice.

Ben F. said...

Ben Flores

I'm a student at an Ivy League school with a fantastic comic collection in its library--not big enough though, as I've pretty much gone through the whole thing. Naturally I deserve to win this comic giveaway because, well, I'm a fine entitled young man.

Andy O. Bruce said...

Andrew Breidinger

I should win because I don't own this particular trade, and I would like to, seeing as I have been enjoying Manhunter since the new issues started coming out.

Wicked Juan said...

Rather than sign up, I'll just say Manhunter is awesome. It's easily one of the best books DC publishes.

The giveaways are fantastic, Kirk. Great selections thus far!

AJ said...

AJ Apelian

Dangit I should win because I am pretty sure I am the raddest person ever, and not winning would shatter my delusional fantasy world. Please don't make me face reality!

Anuj said...

Anuj Patel

I don't think this book sounds anywhere near as good as people say it is. Care to prove me wrong Mr. Warren?

Sandra said...

Sandra Swindle

I should win because after I read it, I'll spread the Manhunter love around by donating the book to my library.

ez said...

Name - Eric Zhou
Email - ezhou65 at gmail dot com

Started reading comics just last year, and looking to expand my reading. And if it's half as good as you say (of course it is!), I shall share the Manhunter joy with my friends.

Nicholas said...

Nicholas Moline

I should win because I have never read a Manhunter comic. I have heard how good this run was and would like to have a chance to read it.

Steve said...

Well...I've heard the hype from many a source and would like to check out the series but some days you just gotta make choices. Feed the baby, read a trade. If not, I guess I can read it in 18 years. :)

Derek said...

Derek Carston
gigastormz AT gmail DOT com

I think I should win because I'm a big DC Comics fan and I've heard a lot of good things about Manhunter, but yet know nothing about the character and I would love to check out the first trade.

Frank said...

Frank Lanza
I should win because I've never read Manhunter but sure would like to! And I'm also new to your site and digging it a lot.

David said...

David Miranda

djmiranda AT gmail DOT com

I should win because I've never read Manhunter and have always wanted to. Also, once I'm done reading it I will make sure to pass it on to another person in order to spread the comic book love.

Kevin D. said...

Kevin D. Florin

I want to know what the hell is going on in the two new issues of Manhunter I read last week.

abc said...

Andrew Bene
andrewbene at gmail dot com

Manhunter is a great series and I've been tempted a few times to pick up all the trades for my collection, but apparently I need a bit of a push in the right direction. Winning this contest would mean I'd end up buying the rest of the trades myself, and that's good for everybody.

Anonymous said...

I would like to try Manhunter,perhaps it is a trade I could share with my mife and girl's.

jjkarlst said...

John Steib

I try to be a nice person.

I like to win things.

Bunny B said...

Bunny B
bunnybx at gmail . com

I should win because I wanna gift this to my hubs for his birthday! He would really appreciate this! Thanks!

Bryan said...

Bsg At bryangaffin Dot com

In a world where violent vigilantes rule the streets, one man needs to read this story. A man who has never read it before. That one man is me.

Anonymous said...

Kristin Holliday

I am a comic book newbie that needs direction.

Air said...

Andrew Irwin
agirwin AT ozemail DOT com DOT au

Because I keep hearing there are some good books at DC, but I've never been willing to plonk down the nine billion dollars it seems it wold take to get the continuity - Make Mine Manhunter!