Monday, August 4, 2008

OYL Day 4 Giveaway - Black Adam: The Dark Age!

The penultimate OYL Anniversary Giveaway Contest is here and up for grabs is a copy of my pick for the Best Mini-Series of 2007 - Black Adam: The Dark Age!

Did you miss the Black Adam mini-series the first time around or just never got around to buying it for whatever reason (blasphemy!)? Well, hit the jump and find out how to win!

But first, make sure you don't miss out on the OYL Day 1, OYL Day 2 RSS exclusive and OYL Day 3 contests where you can win a copies of Manhunter Vol. 1: Street Justice, Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story and Watchmen, respectively.

How To Win

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your:
  • name
  • email address (use username AT email DOT com if you are afraid of spammers getting your email address. ex: kirbymorph AT gmail DOT com =
  • Your "Chocolate Egg Cream"-like magic word (ie - if you were choosing a new word for Black Adam, what would it be?)
That's it! Simple enough, right? Be sure to check out the contest rules & regulations for information on things such as which countries are eligable, if shipping costs apply to you, etc.

Good luck to all who enter and stay tuned for more contests!

The contest has ended. Thank you for entering and stay tuned for the announcement of winners and future contests.

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Andrenn said...

Andrenn Jones
"Blue Boomerang"

Wicked Juan said...

Oooh, I just ordered this. But then I'm at the point where all you have to say to me is "Peter Tomasi" and I will say "here's my money."

Elwood said...

Todd Jones
"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

Salieri said...

Alex Nuan

alexnuan AT

"Did Someone Step On A Duck?!?"

If this doesn't count, as it's a long sentence/phrase, I'll re-enter with:

"Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll- llantysiliogogogoch!"

If the first entry does count, ignore the second.

Dave said...

Dave Anderson

Rawnzilla said...

Ron Cacace
"Neat Nick-Nacks"

Tyler said...

Tyler Kes

Captain Marvel is sexy!

chaosrefugee said...

Alex Mendoza
chaosrefugee at gmail dot com

"Blathering blatherskite!"

AJ said...

AJ Apelian


Anonymous said...

Geremy Hickman
"I'm the Goddamn Batman"

Anonymous said...

Randy Kao
randykao AT hotmail DOT com
"I love Tawky Tawny"

Anonymous said...

Lee Johnson
"Talky Tawny"

Anonymous said...

Alejandro Palmeyro

Anonymous said...

Alejandro Palmeyro

i hit the publish a comment button without writing the magic words!!! sorry for double posting!!

"Mary Marvel is damn hot"

Hikerman said...

William Goodman

"Gotta catch em' all!"

IslandLiberal said...

Sean Curley

scurley AT upei DOT ca

In light of the Black Adam film casting news:

"By the power of The Rock (of Eternity)!"

crawford said...

Jacob Crawford
jwcraw42 AT comcast DOT com


sean said...

Sean Crook
oewiz @
Monkey Pajama

Anuj said...

Anuj Patel

A "Samuel ADAMS" please.

Mr. No said...

Cristhian Paredes
"Someday i'll have a new Hair Style!"

David said...

David Warren

d.t.warren AT gmail DOT com

EEE Ecky Thoomb

Chad Vickers said...

I thought this was a crazy name for a drink at a bar I was at once.
"a big beaker of black benzene and boiled brimstone, with a shot of shingle stain, a jigger of jump juice, a hunk of horse harness floatin' on top, and a chunk of chipped china for a chaser"

The Dangster said...

Sam Dang
"Why must they be orphans?!"

gruedragon said...

Scott Steubing
"Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails"

Evan said...

Evan Cantrell

pretty ponies

Jeremy said...

Jeremy Birks

"Secret, secret, I've got a secret!"

Mike Loughlin said...

Mike Loughlin

"Your Mom!"

dberes said...

Damon Beres

jonathan said...

Jonathan Soweidy

"the bangles rule"

Anonymous said...

Okman Zeng
unvrknew AT gmail DOT com

Daniel Von Egidy said...

Daniel Von Egidy
"Tasty Campfire Smores!"

Ethereal said...

Justin Miousse
Justin DOT Miousse AT Gmail DOT Com


Mike Miller said...

Mike Miller

"Natural Male Enhancement"

Andy O. Bruce said...

Andrew Breidinger

"Mah nah mah nah"

Anonymous said...

Mike Panetta

mikedlp AT gmail DOT com

"Del Taco?"

Adam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Air said...

Andrew Irwin
agirwin AT ozemail DOT com DOT au

"Pickled Goat's Balls!"

Ampersand said...

Matias Duarte
mattias_duarte at yahoo dot com

I can't believe someone said "SPOON" already... so instead mine is going to be:

"Bob Loblaw Law Blog!"

jeff said...

Jeff Garretson
"It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men."

Chris said...

Chris Bilko
"This aint no chocolate, its doodoo baby!"

Zach said...

Zach Marcus
zach.marcus at gmail dot com
"Gossip Girls is underrated"

Russel David said...

Russel Harder
originalpulp.russ AT gmail DOT com

"North Carolina Tar Heels"

Just obscure enough for Teth Adam, with the possible excitement of him finding it out.

Neil said...

Neil Blumengarten
nblumeng AT gmail DOT com
"I'm not Spock!"

Sandra said...

Sandra Swindle


Harry said...

harry pauff
themightyhlp AT gmail DOT com
"Happy Happy Joy Joy"

Ryan said...

Ryan Schrodt

Matthew said...

Matthew Morrison

nathandarcy AT gmail DOT com

"Holy Etruscan snoods, Batman!"

Justin Riley said...

Justin Riley


Steve said...

Fuzzy Pickles

Cullers said...

Aaron Cullers
apcullers at yahoo dot com
"Walla Walla Washington"

Neamathla said...

Brian Estep
space1889 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Frank said...

Frank Lanza

Garrett Berner said...

Gar Berner
garberner AT gmail DOT com


mrpeepants said...

I'm not sure if my previous entry was entered. if it was disregard this.

Mercado Lee

Anonymous said...

How about:


bsg AT bryangaffin DOT com

drfate39 said...

Holy Moly

David said...

David Miranda

djmiranda AT gmail DOT com

"The Password is Password"

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Oh Black Adam, why with the homicidal awesome? And really Kirk, you only have what...56 entries on this one?


Black Adams catch phrase: "Fatuous Flatulent Festivites, BEGIN!"

I'm sorry, but one word just wouldn't do for a man of his stature. ;)~

Oracle_Batgirl said...


Sort of forgot to add:

Jenny T.

carry on...

cwittah said...

Chris Van Slyke

abc said...

Andrew Bene
andrewbene at gmail dot com

jimmy said...

Jimmy Walthereson

viciousEXE @ gmail . com


Anonymous said...

Jim Pollaro
pollaro70 at hotmail dot com

"you killed my father, prepare to die"

Ryan said...

Ryan Bravo
"Not the face!"

Eleanor said...

Eleanor C.
beastwithtwoheads AT googlemail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Ann Tredway

Anonymous said...

Flaming Dr. Pepper

Matt Hart
matthrt at gmail dot com

Ben F. said...

"Sorry, I'm not Black Adam."

Ben Flores

jjkarlst said...

John Steib

"Holy Socks!"

Bunny B said...

Bunny B
bunnybx at gmail . com

"Bubbleyum Spumoni!"

Derek said...

Derek Carston
gigastormz AT gmail DOT com

"Quake with fear!"

Jen said...

Jennifer R.
jrubinovitz AT Yahoo Dot Com

Ryan Walters said...

Ryan Walters
Pizazz! PizAZZ! PIZAZZ!

Harlan J. said...

Harlan J. Bryan
harlanjbryan AT gmail DOT com

Can you feel the THUNDERRRR?

J Ray said...

Josh Ray

jray AT csulb DOT edu

"I'm a little girl who likes ponies"

viscous said...

Eric Pronko
skullo aht comcast daht neht
"Chicken Butt!"

Anonymous said...

Raghu Menon
"Bad Spellers of the World - UNTIE!!"

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Rabin
Swizzle Stick

Anonymous said...

Wolfgang Moebius
wolfgaaang AT gmail DOT com

Black Ice said...

Darin Robinson II
"Shazam Friendo"

Anonymous said...

David Gamage
davidscottg at yahoo dot com
"Suprise Couscous"

Anonymous said...

Andrew Trevelise
ajt5031 AT gmail DOT com


Eric said...

Eric Brown
"Muffin tights and dragon dreams!"