Sunday, August 3, 2008

OYL Retrospect - Comic Book Moments of the Week One Year Later

I love posting the Comic Book Moments of the Week every week. It's just fun reviewing, or even experiencing for the first time, the best, and sometimes worst, moments from comics in a given week. It reminds me why I love comics and super-heroes in general.

For this retrospective post, I went back through the Moments of the Week archives and cherry picked some of my favourite moments from the past year in comics. I couldn't possibly repost every single moment, as there have been hundreds of individual moments, but that didn't stop me from trying!

Enjoy the past year of comic book moments and feel free to let everyone know what you thought the best moments were.



Week of 09/12/07


"Hardcore Adam, Hardcore"

Teth continues his bloody quest to resurrect his wife, Isis, in Black Adam #2 this week with this extreme sports gone wrong bungee jumping scene using a yeti's intestines for the chord. Cannibalism, self-mutilation, murder, torture AND extreme sports. Adam is the definition of hardcore this week.


"OH SH--!"

Ya. I think if I walked in on the Anti-Monitor doing something naughty in his bedroom I might turn back. The Lost Lanterns, as seen in Green Lantern #23, should have followed this simple rule.

"You Will Die". Indeed Mr Monitor, indeed.

Week of 09/19/07


"$#%^ing Unicorns!"

I added the top left scene in from an earlier page where Wolverine invites Pixie for some training in the Danger Room in New X-Men #42. The rest is the followup as Logan learns to hate those $#%^ing unicorns.

Week of 09/26/07

"Bring Me My Victory Wenches!"

Wenches indeed Fat Cobra, wenches indeed. This was the climactic finale of the Fat Cobra / Iron Fist fight that resulted in the defeat of Danny Rand. Great finish to a great fight with a very memorable line from Fat Cobra.


"Goddamn That's A Goddamn Lot of Goddamn Goddamn's"

Frank Miller has clearly gone insane. I'm pretty sure 'goddamn' replaced the space key on his keyboard when he started this series. This is the funniest moment of the week. I'm not sure if Frank wrote it to be funny or if it's supposed to be serious, but All-Star Batman is the best comedy on the market.


Week of 10/03/07


"Lethal Force Has Been Enabled - Feel Free To Go Crazy"

Sodam Yat seems a little too happy about the switch to lethal force being enabled in this scene. I also liked how Arisia did not want to resort to killing people. Good to see not everyone took the lethal force enabling as a license to kill.

Week of 10/10/07


"It's A Gun Frank."

A gun, eh? I like guns.

"A Gun That Shoots Swords."

But one that shoots swords? Mother of God. I thought I'd seen it all with Punisher to be honest. Touche, Matt Fraction. Touche.

Week of 10/17/07



This double spread does not do this issue of Catwoman justice, but I had to share it with you anyways, as it was excellently executed and one of the most heartfelt scenes I've read in a long time. Even without all the build up present, these still make a great moment for me.

Week of 10/24/07


"World War Caiera"

Caiera manages to do everything World War Hulk has accomplished in like 5 pages and it's actually better than the dragged out WWH event. The Moon cracking was pretty bad ass and I would have liked to have seen the fight with Black Bolt that caused it or a bigger splash with more reactions from heroes. This whole sequence was just pure win though, so I can't really complain.


Week of 11/07/07


"To me, my X-Men."

Not much I can add to this. This is page was just plain awesome. "To me, my X-Men." ranks up there with Thor's, "I would have words with thee." line in the badass department and I'm sure this will be quoted on message boards for years to come.

Week of 11/14/07


"What. The. Fu--?!!"

Is that even allowed in a comic book? I know it's a MAX title, but hot damn, he just blew a hole in Frank's long lost baby daughter. This is easily the biggest "Holy Sh--!" moment I've seen in a long time.

Week of 11/21/07


"This is how Civil War should have ended."

This was a nice scene between Cap and Tony. Would have been nice to see Civil War end similar to this. Well, with the exception of the genocide of Earth's heroes, and the population in general, or the destruction of our Moon. That we could do without. Was also nice to see Nova held in the same regard as the big guns, Cap and Iron Man.

Week of 11/29/07


"Best Friends Forevah!"

Say what you will about the Sub-Mariner mini-series, but this ending was awesome. Didn't see it coming and it made perfect sense in light of everything that's happened. I hope this signals a revival for Doom. Maybe a spotlight in a future event perhaps?


Week of 12/05/07


"Is Ultron gonna have to kill a bitch?"

Two issues in and Ultron has done more in the two or three panels of Conquest he has been featured in than in the first five issues of Mighty Avengers. If you've been holding off on buying Conquest, you are seriously missing out on some awesome comics.

Week of 12/12/07


"The Guardians of the Universe are absent no more!"

Considering the fact these little, blue smurfs never do anything, I thought this scene was pretty badass. I'm still a little confused on the whole Crisis on Infinite Earths though. I was under the impression no one was supposed to remember it and now everyone knows who the Anti-Monitor is, what he did and what happened way back when.

Week of 12/19/07


"Steel Phoenix Blow (First Execution)"

Okay, losing a hand only seems to have pissed Davos off and he literally punches the clothes off Daughter as he nearly slaughters her before Thunderer stops the fight. Davos gets the Weekly Crisis kung-fu seal of approval for this issue.

Week of 12/28/07


"Dear Thor, Loki's alive."

I loved this whole sequence. I just found it hilarious the guy drives out there and puts up a mailbox so they can give Thor an invitation to some cake and ice cream. I don't have the follow up at the end of the issue, but it has a bunch of Asgardians busting into the party asking about the cake.

"PS: He's a girl."

My other caption choice was, "Is that a Mjolnir in your pants or are you just happy to see me, brother.". Not sure how necessary it was to make Loki a female this time, but the new design looks great. She / he sort of bleeds over into Enchantress territory with the whole female aspect now.



Week of 01/16/08


"Stephen Hawking is a bastard."

The first page picks up after the previous moment while the second page is at the end of the book after Robo has completed the Mars mission. It turns out Stephen Hawking told Nasa that Robo had a stand by mode for some reason and Nasa didn't bother supplying him with any books or entertainment since they assumed he'd be in hibernation the entire trip. Robo dedicated the entire year he spent on Mars to placing rocks in large enough quantities so as to see "Stephen Hawking is a bastard" from space. I love this book.


"Shut up. Child."

This is why you don't mess with the quiet old dude that has been to a billion tournaments - they wreck your shit the first chance they get as Davos finds out in this painful humiliation at the hands (mist?) of Prince of Orphans. Danny and Fat Cobra can only look on in stunned silence wondering what the hell just happened. On a scale of one to awesome, this was an eleven.

Week of 01/30/08


"Chocolate Egg Creams"

First of all, go to this website for some chocolate cream egg fun. We knew he had to learn his word and this was the perfect way for Black Adam to do it. The looks of everyone's faces is priceless after the lightning hits.


Week of 02/20/08


"Epic is one way to describe it."

I couldn't possibly scan every page of the Mandarin vs Iron Man fight, so I settled on this wallpaper worthy piece.


Week of 03/05/08


"I can't let this...HUMAN beat me."

I couldn't possibly show the entire Superman vs. Batman fight, but I think this little three page spread shows a lot of the great moments from the fight, specifically Superman's reaction to possibly losing to Batman. The fight was like 12 or 13 pages long, if I recall correctly, so this is just a small taste of everything that happened in the fight.

Week of 03/12/08


"No words, not even sound effects, needed for this badass display."

Ellis actually made me like Swordsman this issue and I was even following his exploits in the previous creators' run on Thunderbolts before the soft reboot when Ellis and Deodato took over. Shame that he's going to probably revert to loser status once the telepaths stop messing with his head.

"This time I'm still holding onto it."

There's not much I can say about this. Swordsman follows up on his warm up with the guards with this skewering of Venom. Just look at the purty pictures and ignore my lack of a description!

Week of 03/26/08


"That's right baby girl. I'm the Crazy One."

I spliced the ending of the previous page and attached it to the top of this, so this was an even better splash page with the brief pause as you transitioned to the next page from the first panel. Guy Gardner shall henceforth be known as the Crazy One in my eyes.


Week of 04/09/08


"Next: Someone gets beat up. Bad."

There's some debate over whether this is our Alan Scott or the KC version, like the Superman that crossed over. Considering he calls Obsidian his son in the previous page and the fact our Alan went missing after the initial outburst over Gog attacking their (the JSA's) children members, I believe he was busy forming the armour and preparing with his son for this splash page. Whether he absorbed his lantern into his chest like the KC version and is a powerhouse now or if this is just "cool armour" remains open to debate. Alan wasn't wearing the eyepatch this issue. He had the domino mask, similar to this image, at the start, too.

Week of 04/30/08


"Bastard's Black Heartcrusher..." my favourite technique of the bunch. Marvel needs to get Capcom on a Marvel VS Capcom style Iron Fist 2D fighter starring the Immortal Weapons, stat. That thing would do gangbusters. Well, I'd enjoy it, at least. Aside from the technique names, this is just a badass half page splash (I cropped the other half).


Week of 05/14/08


"Note to self - give naked dictation more often."

President Osborn has my vote whenever he chooses to run. To be honest, Norman vs Tony Stark for presidency of the Marvel Universe would be a pretty fun read if Ellis was at the helm.

On the art side of things, that's the best rendition of the Green Goblin costume I've ever seen.

"A pig coughed and you fell out!"

There's no way Gage or whoever is going to take over this book can possibly measure up to the twisted drug enduced dreams that Ellis commits to paper. This battle and last month's Venom vs Swordsman fight are just two such examples of insanity I couldn't see anyone matching on this book any time soon.


Week of 06/04/08


"Please be advised - crazy, sword wielding loli on the loose. Remain in doors and don't lose your head over it."

This "sidekick" for Kick-Ass changed the pace and tone of the entire series for me. I doubt we'll be seeing this in the eventual movie that was announced. I don't think 12 year old girls cutting people's heads off goes over well with the general public. Make her a hot 18 year old and it's fine though.

Week of 06/25/08


"Should have thrown you off a bridge the moment I laid eyes on you."

Well, if the Samson book is a no go, I'll gladly take a Norman Osborn series.

"Finally, you make a sound I like."

Just a continuation of the Songbird vs. Green Goblin fight.

"Hate you so much."

The fight is declared a draw!


Week of 07/02/08


"Zur En WTF"

This is a makeshift costume that the Zur En Arrh Batman wore back during the Silver Age comic this arc is drawing heavily from. Not sure what Bat-Mite is doing there, but this page should be used in any future "Don't Do Drugs" campaigns.

Week of 07/10/08


"Say hello to my super-friends."

Upset with that one panel death scene in Final Crisis #1? Well, Tomasi and Mahnke do an excellent job over the course of these next few moments to fix that problem.

"Clearly, Batman's sexuality is Talia's greatest fear."

I loved the corny one liners J'onn has all his pyschic projections saying to each villain. And why is Batman so pimp? Everyone else is slaughtering their villains and he's shacking up with Talia.

"Manly tears were shed."

I loved everything about this last scene, from the chocos to Batman actually taking off the cowl to pay his respects to his fallen friend.

Week of 07/23/08


"I see what you did there."

F**k ya, Bzzd! This has to be one of the most painful "deaths" I've ever seen. Poor Mongul.


I hope you all enjoyed this little review of the past year of Comic Book Moments of the Week here at the Weekly Crisis. There was no way I could possibly spotlight every moment or even every week from the past year, but I tried to highlight some of the biggest moments for you.

Feel free to browse the Moments of the Week archives or click the links provided throughout this post if you wish to take a tirp down memory lane and revisit the moments that made this past year great.

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Andrenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. No said...

so many good moments.

Andrenn said...

That moment with Arisia was great.

I really enjoy the Moments of the Week, it's my favorite part of your site.

Also, about that moment in Catwoman...heartbreaking, I can't help but hope that her daughter reappears somehow at the end of #82, somehow. But eh, just a sad fan hoping...

Salieri said...

1) Notice Arisia surrounded by a yellow aura while under peer pressure.

2) Quite a few people were annoyed with's the first FC issue to show that the Batman in FC is Bruce Wayne (or looks, sounds, lives the same way as him and shares his memories), when Morrison has stated that RIP takes place before FC, that Batman could come close to death in RIP, and that the FC Batman might not be Bruce.

Me, I just sit back and enjoy the comics.

Ethereal said...

So many Green Lantern moments. There's alot more of those that are mentioned.

Looking at the thunderbolts moments, I'm wondering why I haven't jumped on yet.

Kirk Warren said...

@andrenn - That Catwoman issue was amazing. One of my favourite single issues from the last year. The only complaint I can come up with is the "sweeping under the rug" of the baby, but the way it was handled and emotional impact, which is still felt in the book today, stillr esonates, so not a complete retcon / throw away.

@salieri - About 2), Batman is obviously Bruce Wayne in Final Crisis based on his Hal Jordan comments alone. While it never shows him without the mask or names him by Bruce, it's clear by his presence and conversations with Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as comments on Hal, that this is not Dick or Jason and his muscle mass / size excludes Tim by default.

Dick isn't as abrupt as this Batman and Jason wouldn't receive the same respect from Wonder Woman or Superman and neither has any problem with Hal like Bruce did.

Do you happen to have a link to the post or source indicating people were upset with Bruce being "revealed" as Batman and "spoiling" the RIP ending? I didn't think DC even cared about continuity in their titles enough to worry over a little thing like whether or not RIP takes place before or after FC.

@ethreal - I know. For that lethal force enabled week, I was tempted to put the other 3 or 4 GL moments, but didn't want to start copy and pasting every single moment from every single week. =D

Salieri said...

I first heard of the complaint here:

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