Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Runaways #1 Review

Written by Terry Moore
Art by Humbertos Ramos

After an excellent opening issue for Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Terry Moore flexes his writing chops again with this debut issue on Runaways #1.

Moore has a grasp of teenage dialogue that few writers are capable of and these are some of the most realistically depicted teens I have ever read. Where Whedon seemed only able to grasp Molly's voice, Moore nails every single character, from the alien, Xavin, to the females, Karolina and Nico, right down to the girl-out-of-time, Klara, and everyone in between.

However, the issue was far from perfect. It was leaps and bounds above what Whedon had been doing, but that wouldn't take much effort to exceed, either. If I had to place this somewhere, it would be about equal to the latter parts of Vaughan's run on the second volume - very good, but lacking that special magic the first volume had.

Speaking of volumes, I don't see why this needed a new #1. It literally picks up right where we left off with the team returning to LA, fresh off their adventures in the past. I imagine it was for a sales boost, but I think a time skip of a month or so to have the team established would have been a better option for this first issue than dealing with the team finding a new base, looking for food and seeing Chase try to find a job.

In the end, the good far outweighed the bad and I'm more than happy to see these characters and this book actually being fun to read again. I think my favourite part was Molly and her various moments, sepcifically her Princess Powerful saving Chase scene and the Youtube for old people comment about the 'moving picture boxes'.

Oh, one last thing before I wrap this up. The art by Ramos was excellent - assuming you like his art style. I thought it was some of his best work and it really fit the style and tone of these characters. Everyone is expressive and distinctive at a glance, but it's an acquired taste, much like a Yu or Bachelo, and I'm sure you'll either love it or hate.

Verdict - Check It. This series is finally readable again and Terry Moore did a great job re-establishing the characters in LA while simultaneously setting up the new plots for future issues.

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