Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1 Review

Written by Joe Pokaski
Art by Tom Raney

Generic and uninspired with little to nothing new to offer the readers and absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming War of Kings (at least, not yet).

There's nothing overly bad about this issue and it never treads into Countdown level of bad, but it's just the fact we're more than halfway through Secret Invasion and we're seeing the the Inhumans reactions to Black Bolt being revealed as a Skrull, the general paranoia and 'who do we trust' nonsense and all the other played out themes we've seen for the past year all being rehashed in this one issue.

It has some decent moments and is far from unreadable, but it's dreadfully forgettable and you'll quickly be picking up the next book in your stack and never think about this title again because nothing happens. Even with the potential behind Maximus being the new king is thrown away as he is decidedly sane and most are treating him like he's just the stupid new king that they have to make all the decisions for. He hasn't taken over or done anything with the Inhuman race and all I see is the wasted potential from the ending of Silent War.

Generic and uninspired with little to nothing new to offer the readers.
In fact, they make mention of that series, but, aside from Maximus being free, it doesn't seem like that series happened. Shouldn't Black Bolt be in prison in the dungeon? How did he or the Skrull version escape and why doesn't anyone mention that? What happened to Maximus' mind control / submission of Medusa?

In the end, the Skrulls invade in the last page or two and, apparently, half the population of the Inhumans, one of the most secluded and guarded cultures imaginable, has been replaced by Skrulls as the invasion begins.

Verdict - Avoid It. While not bad, nothing happens and the story just spins its wheels for 22 pages. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

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