Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Secret Invasion: X-Men #1 Review

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Cary Nord

I don't usually make mention of the artwork in a book unless it's exceptionally good, or bad, but Cary Nord really brought something unique to this title, which is rare for most comics these days, and I just had to comment on it.

The art is almost like a washed out water colour painting and, combined with the sharp, hardedged lines, it really stands out as something unique and different and I was really impressed by it. It isn't worth buying the issue over or anything drastic, but definitely added to my enjoyment of this issue.

I was actually surprised that this issue featured a much more proactive approach compared to most Secret Invasion tie-ins. Instead of the typical buildup and distrust followed by the actual invasion, we jump right into the thick of things with the X-Men kicking ass and taking names like a well oiled machine. This is what a team that trains in a Danger Room every day should look like.

It has the potential to be every bit as enjoyable as the WWH: X-Men battle royale without being a required read either.
One thing I enjoyed was the focus on Skrull religion (no, simply having people state it's a holy war and saying he loves you 30 times an issue does not mean Bendis is focusing on their religion) and how Carey chose to use the overly religious Nightcrawler as a focal point for the deeper look into their religion. While he doesn't get too far with the orb that communicates with the Skrull gods, it shows promise for future issues of this mini-series and I think it has a lot of potential.

However, the drastic change in how the Skrulls are portrayed is also a detriment to this issue. These aren't the same Skrulls from over in Secret Invasion. They act differently, they dress differently and, aside from being green, you'd be hard pressed to find definitive similarities between the two versions of Skrulls. From the annointing of troops before battle to the focus on the religious and crusade like reasons behind their fight to other little nuansances, it just feels like I'm reading about a different Skrull invasion.

Verdict - Check It. It has the potential to be every bit as enjoyable as the WWH: X-Men battle royale without being a required read either. I was expecting this to be much worse than it turned out and I'll happily pick up the rest of this tie-in.

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