Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skaar: Son of Hulk #3 Review

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Ron Garney & Butch Guice

Sadly, this will be my last issue of Skaar: Son of Hulk. I gave it a fair shake, but it is not doing anything for me. Pak just seems all over the place with his story, as if he has too many stories to tell and needs an editor to rein him in and help him focus or he's worried about being cancelled and is trying to get to the "good stuff" without the proper amount of story development.

Either way, it makes for shoddy storytelling that jumps to each new plot point without any kind of forewarning or development of the previous material and gives the whole project a disjoint and jarring feel.

Take this issue, for a prime example. Skaar has been a mindless meathead the entire time, just randomly smashing and fighting since he first appeared without ever saying more than the odd grunt. All of a sudden, in response to Princess Omaka, who appeared out of nowhere last issue with little rhyme or reason behind her appearance, he starts speaking perfect English when confronted by the Wildebots.

Speaking of which, these Wildebots, which were mentioned quite a bit in Planet Hulk and were hyped up a lot in this series, too, show up en masse to confront Skaar and the others after all the noise and commotion of his fight with Axeman Bone. How powerful are these guys? Not very. In fact, they get taken out off panel in a jarring scene change to the next day with Skaar and the Princess, who stabbed him in the back of the head and tried to kill him the night before, are seen riding together all lovey dovey on their mount. Yeahbuwha-?

It doesn't help this series that Ron Garney has reverted to his henscratch-like drawing style, which he has used as of late (Wolverine: Get Mystique! notwithstanding). If he used his cleaner drawing style, I could almost justify sticking with the book for the pretty pictures (the interiors look nothing like that striking cover, which is by Garney, too), but nothing here even clicks with me.

Verdict - Avoid It. The Avoid It might sound harsh, as there are far worse books than Skaar, but it just lacks any kind of pull to make it even worth checking out, let alone sticking with for the long term and I'll be dropping it with this issue, justifying my Avoid It verdict.

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