Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekly Crisis OYL Contest Winners

It's been a little over a week since the One Year Later Anniversary contests started (the last one finished on Tuesday) and it's time to announce the winners! But, first, I want to thank everyone for the past year's worth of support and for all those that took the time to enter these contests.

For those that missed out or forgot, up for grabs were trades for several great titles, including Manhunter, Immortal Iron Fist, Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns and Black Adam: The Dark Age.

Along with these contests, I also ran several retrospectives, all of which you can find links to in this convenient OYL summary page.

Okay, okay, I know everyone just wants to know who won, so hit the jump to find out.

Please Note: Winners were chosen completely at random using's integer generator. I merely input the number of entries, told it to spit out a 1000 numbers between 1 and the total entries and the comment that corresponded to the number which appeared the most often was the winner.


OYL Day 1 Giveaway Winner

Winner: Randy Kao
Why he thinks he deserves to win: A little skeptical about splurging on Manhunter even though you have given glowing reviews. I thought I might give a shot if I won here. :)

RSS Feed Exclusive OYL Day 2 Giveaway Winner

Winner: Anthony Janetta
Name of his Special Attack: Pimp Slap Ho Crusher

OYL Day 3 Giveway Winner

Winner: Matt Woodside
What he thought the rorschach test looked like: The Mothman of West Virginia

OYL Day 4 Giveaway Winner

Winner: Todd Jones
His Black Adam 'SHAZAM' secret word: "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

OYL Day 5 Giveaway Winner

Winner: Zach Marcus
7 word review of The Dark Knight movie: Thought provokingly dark, but why so serious?.

Thanks again to all that entered and stay tuned for more contests in the future! Winners will be contacted shortly with requests for their mailing information. Failure to provide your mailing information within one week will result in a new winner being chosen.

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Ampersand said...

Aww, i didn't win anything.

dberes said...

Looks like I'll have to go buy Immortal Iron Fist and Black Adam myself, then! :p

Glad that "Pimp Slap Ho Crusher" won, in any case.

Elwood said...

Can't wait to read my prize! w00t!

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