Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wolverine #68 Review

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Steve McNiven


+ More of the same great alternate future action we've seen from the first few issues.
+ Steve McNiven - His art is spectacular. Words fail me in describing how great an artist he is and this issue is some of his strongest work to date, especially with respect to Logan and his reaction at the end of the issue to his having to save Hawkeye.
+ Kingpin - Wasn't expecting him to be, well, not Wilson Fisk. It was shocking to see him as a young punk that rose up to prominance in a very similar manner to the original Kingpin. This is the guy that killed Magneto, too. Wilson Fisk was never involved.
+ Spider-Bitch - While I don't like the name all that much, this character has a lot of personality and her intentions are far from altruistic - she's here to kill the Kingpin and take over his territory. And she succeeds in killing him, in case you were wondering.
+ Hawkeye is a badass. I loved his "genius" idea to just smash into the Kingpin's holding cells with the Spider Buggie and how he systematically takes out all of the guards. Great action all around.


- Looks like the whole, "I won't fight ever again", oath is ending mighty early for Logan. I was honestly prepared to see him only pop the claws at the very end of the story, after things got as bad as they possibly could. To see the cliffhanger promising him coming out of retirement next issue seems a bit premature, but hasn't happened yet, either.

Verdict - Must Read. Just sit back, buckle up and hang on as if a crazy blindman was driving this thrill ride of a story. It's going to be one hell of a fun time.

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