Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wonder Woman #23 Review

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan

While looking over the reviews already written this week, I could have sworn I wrote this review already, but it was nowhere to be found.

Wrapping up the Ends of the Earth storyline, Gail Simone ties together many of the dangling plots left in this story and gives us some great Wonder Woman characterization wrapped up in her fight with this so-called devil.

While the plot isn't all that important, it was definitely a fun ride. While it jumped from place to place and world to world with little explanation, much like a certain other DC event, Simone's story maintained the fantasy aspect of the plot as we visited these mythical worlds and tracked down some great new (I believe these characters are new to DC) characters in the form of Beowulf and Claw, both whom appear to be set to become the groan-inducing Manazons (if I'm reading my allusions right with Wonder Woman claiming they'd make perfect Amazons if they were women).

I can't believe it, but Simone actually made me like Donna Troy again.
Also, I think this type of story worked out perfectly because it was Wonder Woman. Put Superman or some other character in this same situation and I don't think I would have enjoyed this nearly as much.

Finally, I can't believe it, but Simone actually made me like Donna Troy again. After Countdown, I just assumed she might never be likeable again, but Simone worked wonders with her here and the scene with Agent Tresser was light hearted enough to counter balance the fight with the devil plot that flowed through the rest of the book.

Verdict - Check It. I really enjoyed it, but I think this storyarc fell short of the opening arc by Simone. I can't believe I'm still reading Wonder Woman after all these months, though, so it has to be something special for that to happen.

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