Wednesday, August 27, 2008

X-Force #6 Review

Written by Chris Yost & Craig Kyle
Art by Clayton Crain


+ Angel / Archangel hasn't been this interesting in years. I look forward to more Archangel and seeing how this new dual personality / powerset plays out in the future (not sure how it works, but he can transform back and forth between Angel and Archangel now. Doesn't seem like a conscious thing though.).
+ There will be blood. While some might consider it gratuitous violence, I think the style and tone of this book warrants the over-the-top nature Kyle and Yost are employing and as long as their is a story to back these killings up, I have no complaints with it.
+ Rahne and her father - I liked how this subplot played out, especially the ending with him being framed by Angel's wings, which triggered Rahne's 'kill Angel' programming. The fact she ate her own father is quite disturbing and the poor girl should be traumatized for a long time (about 2 issues comic time =p).
+ Bastion vs Wolverine - I liked how this fight played out. Bastion never seemed threatened by ol' snikt bub, but the casual way he decided to just leave due to Wolverine's increasing threat level and Logan's realization that Bastion has revived all of the X-Men's old villains was a great scene.
+ Who's Next? - I loved the hit list at the end. While I'm not a big fan of Cyclops' carefree attitude towards murder these days, I just thought this was a great, "well, we're done with Risman, who do you want to kill next?", scene with a lot of promise for future storylines.


- Disliked the flashback narrative. It robs the story of the immediancy and any threat the villains had by letting us know the heroes survive. All that's left is to go through the motions.
- Non-ending - For a the final part of this opening story, it wasn't a satisfying conclusion. There's still a lot of promise for future issues and this has more open subplots than a 90's X-Men title, so I was a little dismayed over the inability to provide any kind of worthwhile ending to the first storyarc. It just sort of peters out in a vague, "we fought, they died, not sure what happened", kind of way for the team based on Wolverine's narrative.
- What the hell was up with Magus and Eli? It just seemed like that whole betrayal came out of nowhere and didn't really add anything to the story for how much time was devoted to it.

Verdict - Check It. The first arc ended and, while not a major turning point or even a definitive ending to this arc, I'm still loving the new X-Force book and look forward to more of the same in the future.

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